U-2 - The old Spy Plane that cannot be compared even after 65 years

Satellites and drones eventually took its place. But the Lockheed Marking Company's U-2 Spy Plane, built 65 years ago, can carry out missions in the same conditions that no other aircraft can do today. The Lockheed U-2 secret plane is twice its length. This is the design of the aircraft, which consists of a 63-foot-long, very thin core, two glider-shaped and a very powerful engine that propels it to an altitude of 70,000 feet, and most importantly, to its altitude.

At this altitude, the difference between the speed of the U-2 and the speed at which the engine is turned off is so small that the pilots who fly it call this cruising speed 'coffin corner'. And these missions run for many hours on this 'corner'. Various such devices can be easily installed on it. Some even say that there is a device in a similar pod that makes this plane disappear from the radar!

Flying at altitudes of 70,000 and above, this 'Dragon Lady' is as lonely today as she was on her first flight 65 years ago. At such an altitude, there are fewer pilots and more astronauts. When the air is so thin, the distance between life and death is greatly reduced. The pilot is at risk of dehydration and decompensation at any moment.

Like every aircraft, the U-2 has to maintain a certain speed. So fast that the ship doesn't stop, but not so fast that the ship crashes. The U2's very light design also means it floats smoothly on the runway, and if the landing gets a little harder, it jumps up and flies back into the air.

When landing, the view outside the cockpit is so limited that the pilot in the cockpit has to rely on the help of another U-2 pilot who is speeding on the runway. These vehicles reach speeds of up to 140 miles per hour. Greg Birdsall, deputy program manager at Lockheed U-2, says the only pilots attracted to U-2 are those who say, "I want to fly the world's toughest plane." Only ten to fifteen percent of them are approved.

Thirty-one years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the U-2 continues to operate, including intercepting conversations and messages, receiving electronic signals, taking pictures, and capturing digital images through a special type of radar. At the same time, some of the old U-2 tasks are connected, such as moving data from one place to another. Flying at such a high altitude in the skies means that this aircraft is the best means of conveying messages from the battlefield to the headquarters.

The US Air Force currently has 31 functional U-2 aircraft and is currently spending ڈالر 50 million to upgrade them, after which they will be operational for another 30 years. It could also mean that U-2s will now be in direct competition with the drone, which is so secretive that its existence has not yet been officially confirmed.

"Our program is not going anywhere, and we are investing heavily in preparing U2 for its new mission," says Irene Haley, Lockheed Martin U2 Program Director. There is no set date for the end of this new era." In the 1950s, the administration of US President Dwight Eisenhower received a series of reports about the Soviet Union's nuclear capabilities. This was due to a leak in US intelligence.

Kelly Johnson was a very capable engineer. That's what he and his team achieved at SkinkWorks. Stories began to form around SkunkWorks when Johnson and his team built the first US Air Force jet in 1943 in just 143 days. And then in late 1954, the same team started working on this secret spy plane.

An aircraft that can fly at an altitude of 70,000 feet, has a range of 3,000 miles, and can lift 212 kg. The plane made its maiden flight in a remote area of ​​the US state of Nevada on August 1, 1955, just eight months later. This area is now called Area 51. It was clear that Johnson and his team had done a very special job.

Huntington. Peter J. Westwick, director of the aerospace history project at the USC Institute, says, "With U2 came a change in the way intelligence was obtained. Intelligence problems are solved not by spies but by high technical means.

In 1966, his future looked bleak. Of the 55, only 15 were operational. But in the 1980s, it was decided to rebuild it. This was not easy as many of the engineers involved in the project had retired. The U-2s currently in operation can carry three times the weight and can cover twice the distance. The first UAVs, built in the 1970s, were unmanned aerial vehicles.

After this update, U2 will be able to take the next step in its evolution. Chris Pokok has written books about U-2 and is a former aviation journalist. The capabilities of existing satellites are vast, but they follow a fixed path. This means that these planets do not stay long over any area, while U-2 can hover in one place for a long time.

There is definitely a problem with U-2, it is not so secret. And now apparently an American defense contractor named Northampton Garmin has built a small fleet of top-secret drones for the same purpose that look like its B-2 bombers. These drones are commonly called RQ-180s and are thought to have a 'cloaking device' on them, meaning they have the ability to deceive radar. Which is why I still don't know how they look.

The Clocking Device is a legendary secret technology that can make planes disappear, but these highly secretive drones are known for their light colors that make them extremely difficult to see. For this reason they are also called 'Great White Beats'. The future of U-2 is more threatened than micro-planets. Weighing 10 to 100 kilograms, the planets are small enough to be launched from spacecraft such as the Boeing X-37. " 

These micro-planets can be launched from a rocket launch in such large numbers that they can overcome the vulnerabilities of the secret planets," says Pokok. If you have ten or more planets orbiting the earth like a chain, then you are orbiting the same place over and over again every few hours. This is a very difficult environment. It will be neither easy nor cheap to make an alternative, and it will take a lot of time. And there is no justification for doing so when you already have the ability. "

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