The sign that could be the most important symbol of Covid-19


Most patients with COD 19 experience loss of sense of smell and taste, but these are the most important symptoms of the disease. This was revealed in a medical study in Denmark.
The study by Aarhus University found that if you suffer from Code 19, the loss of sense of smell and taste can last for several weeks. Research has shown that about 80 out of every 100 patients with Code 19 suffer from loss of sense of smell.
The study said the findings underscore the importance of raising awareness of the symptom as it may be the only symptom of the disease in most people. Research suggests that sudden loss of sense of smell may be the best way to predict Code 19, especially in patients with respiratory symptoms.

The researchers said that in 50% of patients who lost their sense of smell, the sense of smell returned after 40 days. As well as sniffing, 69 out of every 100 patients experience a loss or loss of taste.

The researchers explained that while the sense of smell does not work, as well as the sense of taste does not indicate what we are eating, which is not a good experience. ۔ The study included 4,500 patients from around the world.
There has been a lot of work on sniffing before, but it was small-scale, and the study collected a lot of data from around the world. The study said that the results show that the loss of sense of smell is a specific sign of code 19, which indicates how the new corona virus affects the body.
The study found that in 85.9% of patients who lost their sense of smell, the severity of the disease was mild, 4.5% mild and 6.9% severe. A January 2021 study found that the symptom also predicted the severity and recovery rate of code 19 in patients.
The study included more than 2,500 COD 19 patients from 18 European hospitals. The clinical examination identified that 54.7% of mild cases and 36.6% of mild to severe cases experienced loss of sense of smell.

In both groups, those who continued to experience it for 60 to 6 months had 15.3% and 4.7%, respectively. Researchers say that loss of sense of smell is more common in patients with mild to severe severity than in mild to severe severity of code 19, and that 95% of people recover by 6 months.

Earlier, a study conducted in Italy in December 2020 stated that many patients may be deprived of sniffing or tasting the first sign of Code 19. The study included 93 patients who were hospitalized in March 2020 due to cod, but did not require an ICU.

The virus was confirmed by PCR tests or X-rays or scans of the lungs. When asked about symptoms during the study, 63% reported loss of sense of smell and taste. The total number of people was 58, of whom 13 described it as the first sign of the disease.

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