The Metaphor of 'The Tea is Fantastic' and the Hint of Papa Jones

"The Tea is Fantastic" This is the phrase that made Pakistan what it is. But when it is said all over the world that you will be given tea, your mind immediately goes to Abhinandan's Pakistani security forces at the hands of an Indian pilot. Needless to say, drinking tea has in fact become a metaphor for challenging opponents. 

The Director General (DG) of Jabantar Services Public Relations (ISPR), Major General Babar Iftikhar, offered tea and water to the PDM during his press conference in Rawalpindi. Maulana is also familiar with the old secrets of this coach, so he immediately said, 'I want to tell them that you yourself eat Papa Jones pizza and make us drink tea and water, this is an abuse, this is not hospitality.'

Maulana not only talked about Papa Jones' pizza but he also said that I was told that Maulana Fazlur Rehman would have to surrender before NAB, I said that surrendering is not Maulana Fazlur Rehman's job it is General Niazi's job There are indications from both sides that the relationship between Maulana and the army is strained and of course Maulana does not want to reconcile with the army until Imran Khan leaves. Maulana made it clear that the army would have to explain that it was neutral and that it was on Imran Khan's side.

An army spokesman must have wondered why the PDM wanted to come to Rawalpindi with a long march, but also "welcomed" him, saying he would be taken care of if he did. Tea and water will be asked. This is the promise that Imran made to the opposition when he came to power that you should protest. We will arrange containers and anchors for you. 

The government has forgotten its promise and started talking about law and constitution but the military representative has kept this promise and assured that we will ask for tea and water. It can also be taken to mean, "Maulana, we have no fight with you."

However, it is understandable that the army has softened its stance on the PDM. On the other hand, even with Maulana's response, it is not difficult to gauge the harsh political climate in the country. Although the army has said it does not interfere in political affairs, Imran Khan has admitted in his own words that the army is with him. So the military now clearly has two options. One is that by his actions he proves his neutrality in politics. And the country's political forces should be given space to settle issues with each other. 

The leaders of the Pakistan Democratic Movement have bluntly demanded that the army step out and allow the opposition to deal with the PTI and its government. The army has another option, which is to directly politicize the country. Take the path of confrontation with the forces. 

When the situation worsens, the government should take direct action and every dissenting voice should be suppressed with full force. However, the consequences of such a move must first be thoroughly examined. In the present age of communication and awareness, suppressing political sovereignty and democratic demands by force is by no means an easy task.

The third condition is to maintain the status quo. Imran Khan should be ruled and the opposition should keep wailing. However, it is difficult to estimate the extent of damage done to Pakistan's economy by this matter and the extent to which it has made a difference in the life of the common man. Rising inflation, unemployment, inflation and out of reach of the necessities of life are the result of just two years of government and then the economy is touching negative numbers due to Karuna, which predicts Pakistan's economic future. It is not difficult to apply. 

If the battle between the army, Imran Khan and the opposition continues like this and no solution is found, then this nation dying of hunger, poverty and humiliation will not have to go anywhere and if this happens then no khan will be seen, no one Maulana and no general. Therefore, it is better for all the stakeholders to sit down and warn each other in earnest and pay attention to the solution of this problem, otherwise the situation may not be under anyone's control.

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