India tour Australia: Decision to quarantine five Indian squad players and discuss their beef eating

Five players of the Indian cricket team touring Australia have distanced themselves as a precaution after a video went viral on social media, but what is currently the most debated issue in India Here is the menu.

The five players, including Rohit Sharma, Rishbh Pant, Shabhman Gul, Prithviraj Shaw and Naveed Saini, were spotted eating together at a Melbourne hotel and how this was possible is also an interesting incident.

It so happened that a user on social media shared photos and videos of these players on social media and said that he could not believe that my heroes were sitting in front of me. Shortly afterwards, he shared a bill and said that he had paid the bill, even though they were forbidding him.

As soon as the pictures of the bill and the team members were posted on social media, there was a sensation on social media, at least in India, for two reasons.

"Who ordered the beef?"

One was that the bill mentioned beef, and the other was that the Indian Cricket Board and Cricket Australia decided to inquire into the matter and exclude the players from the rest of the squad.

While 'I Stand With Rohit Sharma' is currently trending on social platforms in India, 'Beef' is also trending and a copy of his food bill is also being shared on social media. In hotel diners. Although they have isolated themselves from other players, they can practice for the match.

Both teams are investigating whether the visit's biosecurity protocol was violated. But Indian consumers are debating whether they have eaten beef. "Rohit Sharma asked his colleagues who ordered the beef," wrote user Raufal Gandhi while sharing a scene from a movie.

Along with this, in the scene of the film, it is being said, "Don't connect with yourself, we are different." This tweet has received about 15,000 likes and has been retweeted hundreds of times. A user named S. Dwivedi wrote, "When people like Cole Fanny accused Rohit of eating big paws, he responded with beef eating."

A user named Bhardwaj Speaks wrote, “They become animal activists to give lectures to Hindus on Holi Diwali. On other days, he and his teammates eat beef. According to him, celebrating Holi Diwali is to show carelessness towards animals. But eating beef and slaughtering cows is animal activism.

But most people are in favor of Rohit Sharma and that is why 'I Stand With Rohit Sharma' was the number one trend on Twitter at the time of writing this story. Many users have written that Rohit will give his answer with a bat. People have also expressed good wishes for him and many people have presented his record.

One user wrote that Rohit "It's time to respond to all those who hate." While another wrote: Kill them all with your success, bury them with your smile.

One user even mentioned the caste of all the players that 'Rishbha Pant is a Brahmin, Rohit Sharma is also a Brahmin, Nodip is a Seni Vegan, Gul is trying to impress a Brahmin then'. And with it comes a lonely and sad picture of Prithvi Shaw

This is not the first time that beef has become a problem with Indian cricket. Earlier, during a tour of England, the BCCI had tweeted a lunch menu during the ongoing Test at Lord's, which also included a dish called 'Beef Pasta' and was hotly debated.

The third Test starts on January 6, with both teams winning one match and drawing the series. The Indian team is touring Australia but is being played under restrictions to prevent the spread of Corona. Players and staff are allowed to leave their hotels in Melbourne, where the recent second Test was played, but will have to stay out if they go to a restaurant.

An Indian cricket fan posted a video of the five players eating inside a restaurant on New Year's Day on social media. A statement from Cricket Australia said: "The BCCI [Board of Control for Cricket in India] and the CA [Cricket Australia] are investigating the matter and are trying to determine whether it is out. This departure does not violate the biosecurity protocol.

Both Pant and Gill were in the second Test, which India won, while vice-captain Rohit Sharma was expected to play in the third. He joined the team late after the injury and remained in quarantine for 14 days.

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