Did the Corona Virus come from space? How much reality, how much fiction?

A few days ago, Dr. Chandra Vikrama Singh, a Sri Lankan-born British mathematician and professor at the Buckingham Center for Astrobiology, claimed that the novel Corona virus came to Earth from a meteorite that landed in northern China during October last year. It looked like a fireball and exploded.

Dr. Vikrama Singh said that the ashes and dust of this meteor also contained the corona virus which eventually reached the earth and as a result of which the epidemic of novel corona virus appeared in China from November 2019 which has spread all over the world today. Is.

In his "Proof of Claim" he resorted to the hypothesis called "panspermia", which states that life is scattered throughout our universe, which is surrounded by space, meteors, large meteorites. (Asteroids), planetoids and comets. Under the same premise, it is said that life on Earth began with the same "living matter" that was raining down from space on our young earth billions of years ago.

It will be interesting to read that the hypothesis of "pan-spermia" was introduced in 1974 by Chandra Vikrama Singh along with his teacher and famous British astronomer "Sir Fred Howell". In support of this assumption, the two teachers and students also published a book in 1986 entitled "Viruses from Space and Related Meters" (Viruses from Space and other related material).

In this book, going beyond their original assumptions, the two experts also claim that "various forms of life" continue to reach the surface of the earth through space, causing new epidemics and diseases. Come into being And that the new genetic material needed for microscopic evolution on Earth also keeps falling to Earth from space.

Over the past three decades, the book and its contents have been largely forgotten, but Vikrama Singh's claim on the recent outbreak of the novel corona virus has rekindled the debate and has led to the publication of spicy, spicy but nonsensical news. Newspapers, magazines and websites like this have made a big fuss about this claim.

Talking to Express News about Vikrama Singh's claim, Pakistan's eminent astrophysicist, Prof. Dr. Sohail Zaki Farooqi said, "From a credible scientist, Joe Fred Howell. Is also a student of, such a baseless claim is surprising and incomprehensible to me.

He explained that the atmosphere (air) around the earth is about 200 km thick; And when a meteor enters the Earth's atmosphere (from space), its speed is about 70 kilometers per second. Only after traveling a distance of 30 km in the ground atmosphere at such a high speed does it become so hot that its temperature rises to more than 1000 degrees Celsius.

The temperature is so high that no living thing can survive on it, nor can any organic molecule or virus retain its shape. it burned in the air and its ashes were scattered in the air. Therefore, from a scientific point of view, this claim (of Vikrama Singh) is completely baseless, ”said Dr. Sohail Zaki Farooqi.

On the other hand, a website called IFL Science also consulted Dr. Dominic Sparks, an infectious diseases specialist at University College London Hospital, on this claim. The most important evidence that SARS-CoV-2 did not come from any asteroid (on Earth) is that it bears a striking resemblance to other known forms of the corona virus; it is very similar to the SARS virus which Was epidemic in the early years of the 21st century; And it's like the MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) virus that is still causing the disease today. "

He explained that the "stork" virus first spread from bats to cats, and then from cats to humans, causing the epidemic, while the "measles" virus also spread from camels to humans, causing the epidemic. Took shape The same is true of the corona virus, which spread from a wildlife market in China (Wuhan).

Even in the light of all kinds of scientific and rational analysis of the purpose, Vikrama Singh's claim that the novel Corona virus reached the earth from space, through the meteor, proves to be baseless.

In the end, we will only add that we need to focus on fighting the corona virus instead of being afraid and blindly believing the false news about it.


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