12 million Yemeni children on the brink of death: When will the world's indifference end?

In a recent statement, UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Four said that Yemen is currently the most dangerous region for children on earth. He claimed that Yemen was on the brink of total destruction.

According to UNICEF, children in Yemen are facing a severe human health crisis and about 12 million children are in dire need of humanitarian assistance and protection. So far, 80 percent of Yemen's population has suffered the worst crisis in human history.

In Yemen, one child dies every ten minutes from a preventable disease. Since 2015, 2 million children have been out of school, while thousands have lost their lives, become disabled or become part of the war. In the past month alone, 11 babies have died, including a one-month-old baby. At the same time, the Yemeni people fighting the Karuna epidemic and the war are completely deprived of health facilities and there is no health structure. As noted earlier, famine, malnutrition and epidemics have combined to make Yemen financially difficult, as well as a lack of health care. According to UNICEF, millions of Yemenis, most of them children, are at high risk.

1.2 million children are severely malnourished while 358,000 children are also severely malnourished. We believe that the famine-like situation has arrived. This number is not just on the pages. In fact, the world is seeing that the whole country and its people are deprived of the basic necessities of life and are on the verge of death. 

Yemen has been under siege by Saudi Arabia for a long time and is currently facing the toughest war in the world. In this war that has been going on for the last five years, the Yemeni Ansarullah is fighting against the Saudi-backed President Abdullah Hadi. Saudi Arabia and its allies, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Sudan and Egypt, are involved in the war and have so far killed more than 100,000 Yemeni civilians while the country are on the brink of total destruction.

About 100,000 people have lost their lives since 2015. Many human rights groups are calling it the worst human tragedy in the world today. According to Save the Children, more than 37 Yemeni children are killed or maimed each month because of external bombings.

In addition to the deaths from the war, many others are losing their lives due to illness, lack of sanitation and health facilities. In addition, thousands of Yemenis have been killed or affected by the cholera epidemic. Although human rights groups are trying to reach the affected areas, the war has made it impossible. Poverty is also on the rise, according to a UNDP report, with Yemen being named the poorest country in the Arab world. Currently, more than 79% of Yemen's population lives below the poverty line, with 65% being described as extremely poor.

The Saudi-led Arab League is indiscriminately targeting children and civilians. Millions of innocent people have died in this war so far and many are living with disabilities. Despite all this carnage, Western countries, especially the United States, Britain and France, are selling arms to Saudi Arabia in droves, much to the astonishment of many experts. 

The supply of arms to Saudi Arabia means indirect support to the occupying forces in the Yemeni war. Today, of course, Yemen has become the world's worst humanitarian crisis. It remains to be seen when the world will end its indifference and raise its voice for innocent Yemeni children, the elderly and women, and bring justice to Saudi Arabia. Brings to the fore?


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