The unique festival of the Kalash tribe, Chumos ... There will be rain and trouble in the new year

A world of surprises and mysteries ... The Kalash tribe, with a population of about 4,000, still maintains a distinct identity and status in the world today due to its unique customs and unique religious festivals.

Kalashi has always been a tourist attraction due to its unique culture. Chaumos is the most sacred festival of the Kalash tribe, which is celebrated every year to bid farewell and welcome the new year.

The two-week-long festival features sacred religious rites that non-Kalashnikovs are not allowed to attend. But this time, the Sheikhanda area was opened to tourists for the first time, where various rituals were performed to coincide with the festival. Gone.
In this festival, according to the Kalash faith, sacred acts of worship are performed which are forbidden to be performed in ordinary days. Children of this tribe who reach the age of seven are dressed in the traditional Kalash dress for the first time during 'Chaumos'. Is included in this religion. In addition, there is an act of purification which is done in the same festival because those who are not pure cannot participate in this festival for three days.
In a festival of Sharabir, Kalashi makes various items from flour in their homes, including markhors, shepherds, cows, signs of their elders and various other items, which are kept in the sun after cooking in the fire, and when ready, they are given to their neighbors. I distribute as a gift, which aims to highlight the importance of prosperity, birthdays and the Chamos Festival.
In this festival, Kalash girls also marry the boys of their choice with the consent of the family. These wedding ceremonies are not limited to this festival but they can take place at any time of the year but since it is an important festival and all the people get together, the wedding is also arranged on this occasion.
The people of Kailash tribe perform the ritual of Lugh Lolik on the day of Ahri in which the fox is chased away. If the fox goes out towards the sun, the people of Kailash predict that this year will be good Imagine According to his belief, there will be untimely rains and trouble this year.

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