The Italian city that is called the most Sinister area in the World

People love their city, their area and they proudly take its name. however you will be astonished to listen to the fact that there's a town in the world that even the locals are afraid to call its name.

According to the Daily Star, the city is called Colubrero, a mountainous place in the south of Italy. There are many mysterious stories about this city that will frighten anyone. It is said of this city that whoever once visited this city, unfortunately finds his way home.

These mysterious stories about Colebrero began in the 1940s. The then mayor of the city, Biagio Vergilio, lied at a council meeting and before he lied, he said that if I lied, the lantern hanging from the ceiling would fall. Locals say the chandelier fell to the floor a few seconds later. Since then, locals say town has been in an exceedingly state of disarray.. Since then, there have been some accidents that cannot be explained by science or magic. Due to these accidents, the locals of this city are so afraid of its misfortune that they do not even mention the name of this city in their language out of fear.

This misfortune of the city has been reported in the nearby towns and cities and the people there treat the residents of this city very badly for this reason.

A local man aforementioned he visited another near city for work. There he got employment in a restaurant. But when the people there found out that he was a resident of Colubrero, they were afraid to approach him. They started treating him as if he had a contagious disease. Fed up with people's behavior, the man quit his job and returned to his hometown. According to the locals, apart from the lies of the mayor, there is also misfortune in the name of this city. Locals say the town is inhabited by demons because of the name.

There is a story about the city among the locals as well.  individuals say that there have been several witches living during this town used to cure demons and misfortunes. She would mix salt, coal and water and apply it on the forehead of a person who was suffering from misfortune. There is a fear among the locals about these sorcerers and only a few brave people talk about these sorceresses otherwise the rest of the population is afraid to mention their names.

The city reportedly has two children with two hearts and three lungs. There is also an impression among the locals that if the locals of the city do not name it, its misfortune does not affect them. It only affects outsiders who come to this city.

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