Is Iran going to Target the Israeli city of Haifa?

An Iranian newspaper, whose editor has been a former adviser to Ayatollah Khomeini, has published an article written by Iranian analyst Saadullah Zehri in a recent publication in which the Iranian government responded to the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizada on the Israeli coast. The city of Haifa has been ordered to be attacked. Mohsen Fakhrizada founded Iran's nuclear program in 2000. A few days ago, the spirit of Iran's nuclear program was killed near Mashhad in a large-scale targeted terrorist operation.

Iran claims that there is evidence of Israeli involvement in the operation. For some time now, Israel, the United States and Saudi Arabia have been talking about targeting Iran's nuclear energy program. ۔ Before Donald Trump left, Israel wanted to eliminate the Iranian threat in the region. It feared that Iran was so close to building an atomic bomb that it would acquire that capability before Biden's arrival, and thus gain power in the region. The balance will be out of Israel's hands

Watching in the news background

The article said that Israel's response to General Salman's assassination earlier this year was not enough. Iran should launch a major ballistic missile attack on US troops, targeting the Israeli city of Haifa in order to destroy the port and its energy facilities. Only large-scale damage and deaths can prevent Israeli intentions. In this article published in the newspaper, the analyst says that at present the United States, Israel and its agents are not in a position to take part in any war or war.

Although Kayhan is a newspaper with limited circulation, its editor, Hussain Shariat Madari, is appointed by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini. That is why its article is being taken seriously all over the world. Ayatollah Khomeini In the message, Mohsin Fakhrizada has been described as the country's foremost nuclear and defense scientist and demanded severe punishment for those responsible.

Haifa is an Israeli coastal city in the Mediterranean that is within reach of Iran and its Lebanese group Hezbollah. Iran has never directly attacked any Israeli city. This time too he can take such a step by resorting to proxy war. Any reaction to this intensity could provoke Israel to retaliate, which could be the beginning of a catastrophe.

Israel did not immediately comment on the killing of the Iranian scientist, but Israeli military commander Lt. Gen. Aviv Kohavi, visiting the Syrian border, warned that "we will do our utmost to deal with any Iranian adventure." Are ready

Members of the Iranian parliament are outraged by the killing and have strongly condemned the United States and Israel. After a closed-door meeting in which the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizada was discussed in detail, Speaker Mohammad Baqir said that the enemies of Iran would regret his assassination. He added that only a strong reaction could force the enemy to repent. Is.

The Iranian parliament has also begun reviewing a bill that would bar the International Atomic Energy Agency from inspecting Iranian facilities. Iran is believed to have enough enriched uranium to make two atomic bombs weighing at least 120 kilograms. If the bill is passed, the Guardian Council will approve it. After that, Iran will have a nuclear weapon for the world.

Engaging in the program will be difficult

The former head of Israel's military intelligence, says no one has definitive information about Iran's current nuclear capability. However, it is clear that Mohsen Fakhrizada was the heart and mind of the program and There were authorities. The assassination has also created new problems for the United States. Because Joe Biden had announced that after the election he would try to re-establish the canceled nuclear deal with Iran. If Iran reacts to internal pressure, the US military will have to respond. Amos Yilden has advised government sources to remain silent on the matter so that no final clue can be found to attack Iran. He was referring to a statement by the Israeli prime minister in which he told his supporters that he could not discuss all of his actions last week.

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