Chinese Space Mission successfully lands on Moon

China's space mission has successfully landed on the surface of the moon, which will try to obtain soil and rock samples from the surface of the moon, which will help create the moon and gather more information about it.

China's space agency, the National Space Administration (CNSA), said the "Cheng Five Probe" mission would try to obtain samples weighing two kilograms from this part of the moon where no previous mission had gone.

According to Chinese state media, the spacecraft landed at a pre-selected location on Tuesday and sent the images to the CNCA.

The spacecraft includes devices called Better, Lander, Asunder and Returner, which were launched a week ago.

According to the CNSA, the Cheng Five's Lander-Asender combination has begun orbiting 15 kilometers above the surface of the moon, while the spacecraft has landed on the surface of the moon's northern region, also known as the Ocean of Storms. Of

The Chinese space agency says that after receiving the samples, it will be sealed in a container, after which the 'Asander' will be reconnected to the orbiter. After the samples are transferred, the sender will be separated from the orbiter again, which will return the samples to the ground.

The examination of these specimens, according to scientists,  will help unravel mysteries like the creation of Moon. The mission was launched late last month from the Wenchang Space Center in Hainan Province.

If China succeeds in this mission, it will be the first country after the United States and Russia to obtain rock and soil samples from the surface of the moon.

American astronauts brought 382 kilograms of rock and soil from the moon during the Apollo mission between 1969 and 1972, while Russian astronauts were able to obtain samples weighing 170 grams from the moon in 1976.

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