Cat brought her sick child to the hospital at Istanbul for treatment

An interesting incident took place in a hospital in Istanbul in which a cat entered with its sick baby in its mouth and the staff there immediately helped it and after examining both of them offered milk.

Pictures of cats and their babies are becoming popular all over the world. the doctors immediately surrounded them as soon as they noticed the cat and her baby. This is because Turkish nation has a special attachment to animals and has a worldwide reputation for caring for stray animals.

The news became popular on Turkish social media and spread all over the world in which a kitten can be seen with his mother in the emergency room of the hospital. The mute creature was immediately assisted and the hospital staff carefully examined the mother and baby cat and gave them medicine.

According to the administration, the impatient mother was not allowing her child to disappear from sight and was present with him at every moment. The hospital staff also gave them milk and biscuits, which they ate happily.

Until last report, both were in good health.

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