Truth - The undefeatable Power

When Socrates drank the cup of poison, the rulers of Athens breathed a sigh of relief that their young will no longer be misguided. the Greek elite had won, Socrates' wisdom lost. Time went by. 

William Wallace, a Scottish freedom fighter, was charged with treason when he was arrested by King Edward I of England, stripped naked, tied to a horse's saddle, dragged through the streets of London, and subsequently tortured. He was later hanged and his body was dismembered. The king of that time won, William Wallace lost. Time went by. 

Galileo proved that the earth and other planets revolved around the sun, it was a violation of Catholic beliefs. Galileo remained imprisoned in his home and died there in 1642. The clergy won and science lost. Time went by. 

Giordano Bruno was also accused of deviating from the Church's beliefs. In his defense, Bruno argued that his research did not contradict the Christian doctrine of God and His creation, but that it was not listened to and Asked to repent, Bruno refused, the pope declared Bruno an infidel, and when the verdict was read out on February 8, 1600, Bruno uttered the historic sentence: "I am not so frightened by this verdict. I am as frightened as you are to announce this decision. Pope won, Bruno lost. Time went by. 

Victory or defeat in history is not based on power, the Greek elite was more powerful than Socrates, but history proved that Socrates' truth was more powerful. After the tragic death of William Wallace, his name should not have been Leva, but today, from Aberdeen to Edinburgh, there are statues and monuments of William Wallace, William Wallace has died in history. The Church of the SubGenius has withdrawn all its edicts of blasphemy against Galileo. Three hundred and fifty years later, the Roman Catholic Church acknowledged that Galileo was right and that the pastor was wrong. Even those who burned Bruno alive today believe that Bruno's knowledge and ideology were correct and that those who killed him were at the wrong crossroads of history.

One hundred years from now, none of us will survive, history will trample us forward, today it is difficult to decide which of us is standing in the right direction of history and which is at the wrong crossroads . Who is the companion of truth and who is shoulder to shoulder with falsehood, who is the bearer of truth and who is promoting falsehood, who is honest and who is unfaithful, who is oppressor and who is oppressed. Every one of us calls himself the way of the truth, but we all know that this is the greatest lie in the world, because if everyone has grasped the knowledge of the truth, then oppression and injustice will be eradicated from this earth. You should end up, but everyone knows we're far from that destination.

So why don't we put ourselves to the test of what we're going through today and see if weather we stand with the Greek elite who gave Socrates a cup of poison, or do we keep Bruno alive. Do we stand with the burning priests, or do we stand with those who issued fatwas against Ibn Rushd, What if we are standing with the wrong direction of history?

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