The story of whatsapp founder Jan Kom

There are currently 2 billion WhatsApp users in the world, more than half a billion join every two years. The inventor of WhatsApp is Jane Kom, born into a poor Jewish family in Ukraine and living in poverty. The house he was living, there was no electricity, no gas, no water in the house, so they would spend the summer like that, but the winter would be very painful for them because they would spend the winter with the sheep in their neighbor's farmhouse. The Were forced to sleep with the sheep wrapped around them. The extent of their poverty was that their people did not even had a blanket to cover them in winter. Then this poverty was added to the oppression because in 1992 in Ukraine Persecution of the Jews began, the parents decided to relocate but the father refused to relocate, the mother held the son's hand and these people moved to the United States, California was their new homeland.

These people arrived in the United States, but they had no home, no work, no food. Both mother and son were now completely on charity. In the United States, there is a charity called Food Stump. Gives a stamp to the very poor to buy food and drink, this stump is American charity, these people were so compelled that they were forced to take alms to save their lives, to alleviate this poverty Jane Kom has a The only option was to get an education. Jane Kom started studying. As time went on, education became more expensive. It became difficult to spend on food stumps. Jane Kom started working as a scavenger at a store. He cleaned the store and even cleaned the bathrooms of the store, he had been doing this responsibility for years.

At the age of eighteen, Jane Kom became obsessed with computer programming, a hobby that took her to university. After graduating from university, she joined Yahoo. Jane Kom worked for the same company for two years. Came and gradually became popular and in 2007 became the largest company in the world. Jane Kom applied for a job at Facebook but Facebook rejected her job application because she didn't see any special skills in Jane Kom and she worked at yahoo for two more years. He wanted to buy an iPhone, but he didn't have the money. To buy an iPhone, Jane Kom stopped having lunch and started saving money. It took a while, but Jane Kom came. Bought the phone and this iPhone proved to be a gold mine for him.

While using the phone, Jane Kom thought, why don't I create an application that is an alternative to the phone that can send messages and easily transfer pictures and files without being hacked. This is a unique and It was a unique idea, he mentioned his intention to his friend Brian Octane, he also said yes to his friend and they will start working on it, they worked on this program for two years. , Their two years of hard work paid off and they managed to create a very magical app, this app was launched in February 2009 and as soon as it was seen it crossed the limits of popularity, at that time WhatsApp is the safest and fastest. Is the media.

The app was so successful that companies around the world started bidding for it, but Jane Kom continued to refuse. In February 2014, Facebook also joined the race to buy WhatsApp, However when Facebook's management contacted him, he burst out laughing and said with a laugh, "This is the company that refused to hire me in 2007." Jane Kom kept laughing for a long time and then agreed to the deal for 19 billion. How big is that? Can you guess from this that Pakistan's total foreign exchange reserves are currently 13 13.6 billion, while Jane Kom launched an app for 19 19 billion? Sold out

Jane Kom had made a condition in her deal with Facebook that I would sign the agreement while sitting in the waiting room of a food stamping charity. This condition was strange for Facebook because the Facebook administration did this. She wanted to do it in her office, the process lasted for two months, the Facebook administration kept convincing her and Jane Kom refused and finally the Facebook administration would be willing to accept her condition, the date and time was set and At the appointed time and date, the Facebook administration arrived in the waiting room of the food stamping charity. Jane Kom was sitting on the last step of the last corner of the waiting room, crying. Why was he called here?

Jane Kom called the Facebook administration because it was the center where Jane Kom and her mother sat on the last step of the corner and waited for hours for the food stump. Sitting in the waiting room was painful but even more so. The painful thing was the woman sitting at the window who used to look at them with hatred every time, smiled sarcastically and said, "How long will you people continue to take alms?" Why don't you guys do any work? It seemed to both mother and son but they could do nothing but stand still, the woman would finally give them a slip and Jane Kom's mother would sign it and they would clean their eyes. They went through this process for years, so when he was successful, he decided to celebrate his success in the waiting room of the center, to the people waiting for the food stump on the 19 billion deal. He sat in the middle, signed, took the check and it went straight to the counter, the woman who gave the food stamp was there, Jane Kom put the 19 billion$ check in front of her and said "I finally got the job" !! ! And walked out of the senator wiping his eyes.

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