Kashmore: A strong reaction to the viral video of mother and daughter in the alleged rape case

Iman Mazari says she was in a coma for two to three hours after listening to the girl. 

The accused also raped her by taking her daughter hostage. The police registered a case in their complaint and according to the police, the accused has been arrested and a three-day physical remand has been obtained.

On Wednesday night, a full video of a mother and daughter talking to police from an anonymous Twitter account began circulating on social media.

It's a pity that you are so weak and insecure at such a young age ... your very 'like' viral video can be a lifelong shock to someone. '

'Tell me, when a four-year-old girl tries to describe the rape that happened to her, can you fall asleep after hearing it? I am a mother And I have two daughters. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

Shazia Abdullah, who runs her own business on the internet, says of the viral video, "My only question is, if you had a girl at home, would you do that?"

What is a 'trigger' warning?

Many users, including Shazia, have repeatedly used the English word 'trigger'. Triggers are severe mental and physical reactions that can result from seeing or hearing a violent incident.

A 'trigger warning' or TW is posted on a social networking site as a warning over a video that allows users to inform other users about the content they have shared or what they have shared. It can cause a person distress or anxiety.

But experts here point to one factor that is not the only ones triggered by a violent incident in their lives, but can also cause severe anxiety or stress for other people.

'Everything uploaded to the Internet is always there'

What is the responsibility of our social media users in all this?

Now it's both wrong," said Nighat Dad, head of digital rights. Is. As a journalist or social worker, you have a responsibility to share things thoughtfully. Second, the identity of this girl has been revealed and we all know that once something hits the internet, she is always there.

He further said that under Section 352 of the Criminal Code, all such statements as can be seen in the video are in-camera. And it will not reveal the identity of any victim.

"Such videos speed up the process of justice!"

Now there is another statement about the same. A few months ago, a picture of a school teacher in Khairpur allegedly raping his student went viral on a social networking site. As a result, the teacher was arrested while further details came to light.

Some users believe that releasing a video can speed up the delivery of justice. But in the case of Khairpur, the case was registered with the police after the picture was released. On the contrary, before the video came to light in the Kashmore incident, the police had registered a case in their complaint.

But there are divided views on the idea.

"It simply came to our notice then. Even if you want to raise an issue through social media, you still have to think about the self-esteem of the victims of any kind of oppression.

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