Joe Biden: Who is the Newly elected President of the United States?

Most political leaders inherit politics, or their success is entirely the result of their own hard work, or the circumstances around them make them accidental leaders.

"There is no one in American politics today whose life has been shaped by more tragic events than Biden," an American magazine wrote of him. Biden's long political journey has been marked by constant tragedy.

When he was elected to the Senate in 1972, his wife and youngest daughter died in a car accident, and in 2015, one of his sons, who survived the same accident, died of brain cancer. His son was also a friend of Kamala Harris, who will now become vice president with him.

According to analysts, these tragic aspects of his life have made him "more like himself, more real and more sympathetic" in the eyes of the average American.

Even in the 2020 presidential election campaign, the tragedies of his personal life are being presented as the basis of his political power. 

Biden's politics began in the US state of Delaware in 1972 with a successful Senate election. He unexpectedly defeated the then-Republican candidate by a narrow margin.

"If I become president, I will lift the ban on Muslim immigrants on the first day."

Accused of plagiarism

He ran in the presidential race in 1988, but was forced to withdraw from the race after revealing that he had stolen an excerpt from a British politician's speech.

British politician Neil Kinnock's parents were miners. Biden, while reading a part of his speech as his own, also called his parents miners when his parents were not miners.

Joe Biden served as a lawyer in Delaware for a short time before entering politics early in his career. 

He ran for president again in 2007 but soon withdrew due to lack of support. But in the same race, the successful candidate Barack Obama nominated him as his vice president. And so he was elected vice president along with President Obama.

Biden was twice elected vice president alongside Obama. When his term ended in 2017, then-US President Barack Obama awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom. This is one of the highest honors in the United States. And two years later, Biden announced his candidacy for the presidency.

Joe Biden's childhood

Joe Biden was born on November 20, 1942, in Scranton, Pennsylvania, to working parents. His father, Joseph Biden, cleaned the furnaces, and his mother, Catherine Eugenia, was a traditional Catholic woman.

But Joe Biden says that whenever he came home after being beaten by other boys in the neighborhood, his mother would tell him, 'Blow blood from his nose so that you can cross your street the next day with your head held high.' ' According to him, his parents worked hard for him to cope with life.

Joe Biden moved with his parents from Delaware to Pennsylvania at the age of 13 because a new chemical plant called DuPo had opened there, creating new economic opportunities. Here he went to St. Helena's School and then to the Arch Meyer Academy, a good school in the area.

Stuttering baby

Biden stammered as a child. As he spoke, Biden stammered in his name, repeating "bye" and "bye", which led the other boys to name him "bye bye".

To make fun of him, some called him 'Dash' and some called him 'Joe Empedimenta'. But he did not give up and eventually overcame his stuttering habit, he would put glass pills in his mouth and talk, memorizing long poems while standing in front of a mirror.

Biden was a good student at Arch Meyer Academy, and despite not being tall, he joined the school's football team. Joe Biden graduated from the school in 1961.

Advocacy education and marriage

He enrolled at a nearby university, the University of Delaware, where he earned a BA in History and Political Science. But he continued to play football. It was a time when John F. Kennedy, then a "young" president in the United States, greatly influenced the new generation. Who were part of the same race.

During his studies, he traveled to the Bahamas, where he met Nellie Hunter, a student at the University of Surrey Queens. This meeting turned into love at first sight. He worked hard to meet the girl and enrolled in law at Syracuse.

He started studying law in 1965 and married Neelia a year later. It is said that when he visited Neelia's parents before the wedding, they asked her how she would earn and what she would do in the future. It is said that Joe replied that he would become president of the United States.

At the time, however, Biden was an average law student. Once during his studies at Syracuse, he did not attend his class because he did not provide a suitable reference for just one of his dissertations. However, he later claimed that it was an accidental mistake. But this incident haunted him for many years.

The beginning of political life

After completing his law studies in 1968, Biden moved to Wilmington, Delaware, where he began practicing law for a company. Here he became a dynamic member of the Democratic Party.

In 1970 he was elected a member of the Newcastle County Council (local government). Despite being a councilor, he continued to practice law.

During this time they had three children, two sons and a daughter, Joseph Biden III, Hunter Biden and Naomi Biden.

In 1972, the Democratic Party persuaded him to run for the U.S. Senate against a strong Republican candidate, Jay Caleb Boggs.

Although he was less likely to win against his strongest opponent, he faced a dot in which his sister and wife supported him. His parents also went door-to-door campaigning for him.

The contest was tough in November this year and voters turned out in large numbers at polling stations. When the result came out, many people were surprised at Biden's success. He was thus elected the fifth youngest senator in the country's history.

Death of wife and daughter

Just as he was about to take the oath of office in the Senate, his wife and three children were involved in a car accident. His wife and children were out shopping at Christmas when a tractor hit their car on the way.

His wife Neelia and daughter Naomi died on the spot while their two sons were rushed to hospital in critical condition. Joe Biden went to the hospital without taking the oath and stayed in the hospital with his children and later took the oath of office by standing by the children's bed.

After that, he won all the Senate elections he fought. The people of his constituency unofficially declared him their permanent representative after this tragedy.

Joe Biden was a member of key Senate committees and then chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee for a long time. Most analysts also consider him an expert on foreign affairs. He also played a key role in brokering an arms race with Russia.

According to some observers, Joe Biden has often followed Establishment policy. He played a role in enacting strict anti-crime laws. Strict anti-crime legislation is a popular issue among the average American, but on the left, it is called anti-minority action.

However, Biden, along with Senator Ted Kennedy, was part of a Senate team that barred President Ronald Reagan's nominee, Judge Robert Brooke, from becoming a judge. Brooke was a right-wing ideological extremist lawmaker who implemented some of President Nixon's alleged illegal actions and was seen as anti-women and anti-black minorities.

As vice president in the Obama administration, Joe Biden has on several occasions been instrumental in successful negotiations with Republicans in Congress on tax cuts. According to some critics, he took advantage of the Democrats' position against the Republicans.

Second marriage

Joe Biden married Jill for the second time in 1977.

In 2015, Beau Biden, the son of Joe Biden's first wife, died of brain cancer. After his death, Biden's grief once again became a major factor in his political career.

When Donald Trump was elected president after Biden's vice presidency, he sharply criticized him and said that Trump has no knowledge of governance. He also slammed President Trump for defending white extremists.

After some time of ambiguity, Joe Biden announced his candidacy for the 2019 presidential election. He said in a statement that he was aware of President Trump's racist policies Because the country is in danger that may never happen again in his life.

However, Biden faced opposition from the Democrats' left and pro-women groups from the beginning. She backed a bill to cut funding for abortion but changed her stance after strong criticism.

Joe Biden voted in favor of the Iraq war resolution but later described it as a mistake.

Kamala Harris, who will now run with him as vice president, was sharply critical of Biden. However, in the next round of presidential debates, he improved his position as a "moderate" politician, citing President Obama's foreign policy as his success.

Ukraine scandal

In 2019, the White House revealed that President Donald Trump was pressuring the Ukrainian government to investigate corruption against Joe Biden. As vice president, Biden appointed his son Hunter Biden as a director at Borisma, a Ukrainian oil company.

That same year, after the impeachment of President Donald Trump, the Ukrainian government launched an inquiry into Borisma. It turned out that a 5 million bribe had been paid, but the Ukrainian government said Biden was not among the bribe-takers.

There is no evidence that Biden played a role in the Ukraine scandal. There is also no apparent evidence that he was involved in any corruption. However, according to a poll conducted by the American magazine Politco, the majority of Americans consider Biden's role inappropriate because of the appointment of their son as a director.

Allegations of sexual abuse

As Biden's Democratic presidential nominee appears to be closing, Democrat left-wing presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is announcing the end of his campaign and new allegations of sexual harassment are emerging. Yes, this time from Tara Reid, an old Biden assistant.

Tara Reid has worked with Joe Biden for 30 years. He alleged that Biden sexually assaulted her in a congressional hall. Biden has been accused by several women of openly touching her body in an inappropriate manner.

However, Tara Reid's first allegation came to light. Joe Biden vehemently denied the allegations, saying: "I'm blunt that this never happened, never happened." However, close acquaintances of Ms Reid say she had previously told her close friends about the alleged rape.

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