Is evolution still happening?

You can see evolution in a lab on a petri dish. Modern medicine, especially antibiotics, is based on evolution. If you do not complete a course of antibiotics, the bacteria in your body will evolve and become resistant to this antibiotic, meaning that the medicine will not work on these bacteria in the future.

Scientists at Harvard Medical School also conducted an interesting and well-known experiment in which a petri dish contained rows of low-to-high-strength solutions of antibiotics. More than ninety percent of the bacteria were killed by the effect of antibiotics when the bacteria were germinated at one end, but random mutations or random genetic mutations gave rise to a new strain that was resistant to the antibiotic's power. Began to grow in this powerful solution. 

When he reached the next high-powered line, most of the bacteria were killed, but a half-strain (race) was born that was also resistant to this next high-powered line. In doing so, a strain with a thousand times more power than the first row had evolved into a strain that was highly resistant. Now, if a person is infected with this strain, even this kind of antibiotic of good potency will not work on him.

That is why it is recommended to avoid more antibiotics and half and missing doses. Sometimes bacteria become so powerful that their immune system or strain has evolved so much that doctors have to take a sample of the bacterium from the body and test it for different antibiotics in a culture lab. Which one is useful?

Recently, scientists have also examined the evolutionary stages that have taken place in humans in recent times, such as the extinction of the molar in a large population. 

Evidence of evolution has also been found in the ruined reactors at Chernobyl, where in the last 40 years a fungus that produces nuclear radiation has been born.

Thus, evolution is a process that spans hundreds of millions of years, which is not easy to see and test in laboratories, but because the process of reproduction in small organisms is accelerated, the process of evolution can be easily observed and tested there. The larger and more complex the organism, the slower the evolutionary process. In China, people use a lot of herbs and flowers. It is widely used in everything from tea to medicine and food. 

So there began to bloom flowers that are not easily visible. Although the colors and fragrances of flowers help attract insects and thus their pollen spreads far and wide and they breed easily, but in this case the same fragrance and color is a threat to the survival of these flowers. Gone are the days of surviving breeds that have lost their fragrance and color. This is also called natural selection or evolution, which is an observable and proven scientific fact.

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