Hyperloop: A new addition to the world of travel, 600 miles per hour on Earth

Man has so many ways to travel, but the search for the best is driving him to find safer, faster and cheaper ways. Scientists have been working on a new ride for some time called the Hyperloop Pod.

This is a unique ride. Which runs inside a magnetic tunnel. The magnetic environment protects the capsule-like vehicle from hitting or rubbing against the tunnel walls.

Because the capsule travels through space instead of wheels, the journey is silent. Scientists estimate that the capsule can travel faster than an airplane in an underground tunnel and can increase its speed to 600 miles per hour.

The company working on the magnetic capsule is called Virgin Hyperloop. For the first time, the company has successfully tested sending a human into a magnetic capsule.

The owner of the company is Richard Branson. The first human experiment of hyperloop pod was successful, he said on Sunday. In this experiment, the safety of this technology was tested. It is now hoped that this invention can be used to move people and goods.

Josh Gagele, chief technology officer at Virgin Hyperloop, and Sarah Lucian, director of passenger affairs, described the human experiment at the company's laboratory in Las Vegas, Nevada, where a magnetic field was used for the purpose. The tunnel has been constructed. Pad traveled in this tunnel at a speed of 107 miles or 172 kilometers per hour.

Sultan Ahmed bin Saleem, chairman of Virgin Hyperloop and group chairman of DP World, said: "It was a wonderful experience to have a new history before my eyes.

The Los Angeles-based company Hyperloop is dreaming of a future in which a floating capsule will carry passengers and luggage in a tunnel without air, at 600 miles per hour, or 966 kilometers per hour or more. Even faster will move from one place to another.

The Haier Loop system uses magnetic force to make it possible to travel in the air almost without sound. This means that the distance between New York City and the capital Washington DC will be 30 minutes. It will be twice as fast as any commercial jet flight, and four times as fast as a high speed train.

The company has previously conducted nearly 400 experiments at its Nevada laboratory, but this was the first manned experiment.

The experiment comes a month after the British news agency Riders reported that the Virgin Hyperloop had chosen the US state of West Virginia as its test track and center for its successful technology experiment.

The company is now working on a plan to obtain a safety certificate in 2025 and launch its commercial service in 2030.

The Canadian company Transpad and the Spanish company Zeliras are also working on the same technology which will later be used for human travel and movement of goods.

These companies say it will save travel time as well as help reduce environmental pollution because the technology does not use mineral oil.

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