Four Astronauts departed to space through SpaceX's second manned Spaceflight

The SpaceX rocket Falcon 9 is leaving Florida for the International Space Station with four astronauts. November 15, 2020

Four astronauts have left the United States for the International Space Station aboard a private company, SpaceX. This is SpaceX's second manned flight to the International Space Station.

Earlier, the company successfully landed astronauts on the International Space Station and repatriated them.

US astronauts were using Russian spacecraft to get to and from the International Space Station after NASA cut off manned rockets from the planet.

SpaceX uses a special capsule dragon to carry astronauts back and forth, which is delivered to its destination by rocket.

Three Americans and a Japanese astronaut board a rocket before embarking on a space mission.

Of the four astronauts sent by the current SpaceX flight, three are Americans and one is a Japanese man who is being sent to the International Space Station by NASA on a commercial flight.

They are expected to arrive at the International Space Station late Monday, where three astronauts are already present, two Russian and one American. He went on the mission from the space center in Kazakhstan last month.

"By working together in these difficult times, you have touched the nation and the world," said Mike Hopkins, commander of the space mission before the flight.

The world's most powerful rocket was successfully launched into space. US Vice President Mike Pence was in the launch control room at the time of the SpaceX flight. 

During their stay on the International Space Station, astronauts will conduct a variety of scientific experiments, including growing radishes in space and experiments on blood cancer drugs in the absence of gravity.

The astronauts are also taking a new special toilet with them, which NASA says is designed for future space missions to the moon and Mars.

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