'EzBike' - A new and unique addition to the transport sector of Islamabad

The opening ceremony was attended by federal ministers and key government officials. Photo: Romer Technologies

Developed by Roomer Technologies, an Islamabad-based startup,  'Ezbike' is the Pakistan’s first app-based public, eco-friendly electric bike as a means of travel to ensure cheap and fast delivery of transport in the country. A welcome addition to the already popular transport services, Uber, Careem, Bikea etc. . 

Initially, the 'Ezbike' service is in its trial phase in the capital city Islamabad only. However, in the next phase the said bike will also be introduced in Karachi and Lahore. With 'Ezbike', people will be able to travel easily from one place to another in certain areas. The trial began in Islamabad on 15 October 20.

The inaugural ceremony of 'Ezbike' was attended by Aminul Haq (Federal Minister for Information and Technology (IT)), Fawad Chaudry (Minister for Science and Technology) and senior government officials of technology sector.

The introduction of 'Ezbike' in Pakistan has been hailed by federal ministers and key government officials as important not only for a solution to transportation problems and ease of travel.

What is 'Ezbike' and how does it works?

'Ezbike' is the name of an electric bike riding service, as are the taxi services 'Caream and Uber'.

The 'Ezbike' is a Scooty-designed electric bike that is not only easy to ride but also eco-friendly and saves on high fuel costs.

Numerous projects like 'Ezbike' are already running in other countries of the world including India and at present one lakh electric bikes are providing affordable and fast travel facilities to people in cities around the world.

Charges are as low as Rs. 5 per minute on 'Ezbike'. 

'Ezbike' will be powered by an app of the same name. It works just like Bykea and other travel apps.

However, 'Ezbike' is so different from other travel service providers that everyone has to ride an electric bike on their own and the person will have to park the bike at any one of the designated points mentioned at the end of their journey.

Operated and monitored via an app 'Ezbike' will allow users to pick up an electric bike parked at any of the city's designated routes and then park it at the end of the journey.

'Ezbike' users will also be able to park their bike at one of the designated locations at the end of their journey, without the user being responsible for the bike's security or other issues.

'Ezbike' will provide service in specific areas instead of the entire city and it is possible that in the future this feature will be introduced in all cities, initially limited to specific areas. At present the faicility is in its trial phase in Islamabad since 15 October 2020.

Charges of Rs 5 per minute will be charged on 'Ezbike', however lower rates will be available and the traveler will be able to enjoy the ride himself.

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