Actress Mansha Pasha has decided to impress her Fiance Jabran Nasir with her fashion sense

Actress Mansha Pasha was impressed by the fashion sense of her fiance Jabran Nasir.

Karachi (Urdu Point News Latest - NNI. November 17, 2020) Actress Mansha Pasha has decided to impress her fiancج Jabran Nasir with her fashion sense. Mansha shared some of her photos on Instagram in which she is wearing a men's style karta shalwar. Dressed. The actress wrote in the caption, somewhat impressed by Gibran's fashion. Mansha's fans made interesting comments on this post.

One user wrote that no, Gibran Bhai is more involved in this style while others believe that Mansha is not looking any less good. Lawyer and social leader Gibran Nasir and Mansha were engaged in December last year. About a year and a half ago, comedian and actress Faiza Saleem News of their deep friendship continued to circulate after the dance video of the two went viral in Mahindi, but the two never talked about their relationship in public.

Mansha Pasha starred in several dramas as well as stepped into the film world while Mansha's film Lal Kabutar, released in 2019, won the Best Feature Film award at the Asian Film Festival with Vancouver International. The actress's on-air drama Mohabbat Tehje Wadaa: is in which she is accompanied by Zahid Ahmed and Sonia Hussain.

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