95% Effective Vaccine against Corona virus has been developed, Moderna announcement

Another US company, Moderna, announced on Monday that its vaccine against the corona virus has proved to be highly effective in human experiments at a rate of 94.5%. Earlier, Pfizer announced a week ago that its vaccine had also been effective in experiments against codeine nineteen.

In the ongoing fight against the coronavirus, both reports have come as promising news at a time when the contagious disease of cod nineteen is spreading rapidly around the world again and the death toll from it has risen to 8,000 a day. Has arrived According to the Associated Press, the two companies can now apply for permission to use the vaccine in an emergency in the United States.

Following the announcement by Modern Biotechnology Company, Dr. Fawcett, the US government's leading infectious disease specialist, described the results of the vaccine as truly astonishing. Do you have to be careful even after getting the corona vaccine? Do you have to be careful even after getting the corona vaccine?

Dr. Fawcett said earlier this year that he would be happy with a vaccine that is 60 percent effective. But according to experts, vaccine production may not be as fast as Corona has affected the United States. As of Monday, more than 11 million people in the United States have been infected with the coronavirus. One million of these cases have come to light in the last one week alone. Governors and mayors in the United States are working hard to prevent the outbreak in the run-up to Thanksgiving. So far, the global epidemic has killed 1.3 million people worldwide. That number includes 245,000 Americans.

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