43 Million Dollars Appeal for Victims of Central American Hurricane

Humanitarian groups in Central America say they need about 43 million $ for the nearly 6.5 million people affected by the two powerful hurricanes.

Hurricanes Eta and Iowa have been devastating in Central America, especially for children, said Brent Assan, director of UNICEF.

Eta hit the coast of Central America first, affecting 4.6 million people in Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Blaise, El Salvador, Costa Rico and Panama.

Two weeks later, another hurricane, Iowa, struck, adding to the damage. UNICEF says the two powerful storms have caused problems for the health and development of about 2 million children in the region.

UNICEF Director Asan says the situation will only get worse as water recedes from the affected areas. Therefore, with each passing day, the need for humanitarian assistance for children and families will increase.

Hurricane Iowa floods in Honduras have disrupted daily life

UNICEF says it is working on plans to provide humanitarian assistance to more than 600,000 people in Nicaragua, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. The World Health Organization (WHO) says it is facing difficulties in many affected areas due to continuous rains and restrictions on the global coronavirus epidemic.

Earlier, reports said that heavy rains and floods had accompanied Iowa, causing flash floods and landslides in Nicaragua and Honduras, forcing more than 200,000 people to flee their homes. Have to go to

Nicaragua, Honduras, Colombia, El Salvador and Panama have confirmed the deaths from Iowa. About two weeks earlier, Hurricane Eta had wreaked havoc with rain and landslides.

More than 100 deaths have been reported from Eta across Central America.

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