Zainab Alert App: Launched to help report and recover incidents of missing Children

Federal Minister for Human Rights Shirin Mazari said through her Twitter account that Zainab Alert app is being launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Rights and PMDU.

According to Federal Minister for Human Rights Shirin Mazari, Zainab Alert app has been launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Rights and PMDU, which will help in instant reporting of incidents involving children and missing children. Recovery will also help.

Following the 2018 incident involving a girl named Zainab in Kasur district of Punjab province of Pakistan, the government introduced a bill in 2019 called 'Zainab Alert Bill' and its draft said that no The case must also be completed within three months of the child abduction or sexual abuse case being registered.

Not only that, but the bill would pave the way for the establishment of a new body, Zainab Alert, Response and Recovery Agency, to report missing children and recover them. According to a clause in the bill, the government will introduce a system that will help find missing children.

What is Zainab Alert app?

Speaking to the BBC, Anas Tariq, head of the technical team PMDU, said the app was designed in such a way that it would easily connect the common man to the relevant institutions. He said that this app has been created as a part of Pakistan Citizen Portal.

According to him, the main purpose of this is that if any child goes missing or is abducted or is a victim of violence, abuse or any kind of unpleasant incident, the citizens use this app to report it. Can

He added that citizens can also use the app to register their personal case and fulfill their social responsibility.

How to use Zainab Alert app

This app can be used in mobile portal as well as citizen portal. For this, the user has to go to the App Store and download this app under the name 'Zainab Alert'.

According to Anas Tariq, all the features have been introduced in this app through which citizens will be able to enter all kinds of information about themselves and their child in the app.

If a citizen wants to report an incident in person, he or she must provide all available information, including the child's name, age, appearance, and so on.

On the other hand, if any citizen wants to report or inform a case while fulfilling his social responsibility, he will click on the option 'Social Responsibility' given in the app. After which he will be able to enter all kinds of information related to the incident.

What happens after the incident is reported?

Immediately after the incident is reported on the app or Pakistan Citizen Portal, the area reported by the citizen is seen in which district the incident took place. After which the case reported to the DPO of this district goes.

In addition, the DPO will also receive an SMS on his mobile phone which will let him know personally that the case has been reported. The officer must respond to the reported case within 24 hours of the incident being reported.

The role of the police

Within the given 24 hours, the police will contact the person who reported the incident. After which the next step will be to confirm the reported incident in which it will be possible to know whether this incident really happened or not.

If the incident is confirmed, the police will register an FIR. After which the case will be investigated and action will be taken. The last step is to close the case. This will be done when the case is brought to a logical conclusion and the missing or abducted child is found.

If a case turns out to be fake in the first stage, the police will confirm it to be false and close the case. A

Anas Tariq was asked what would be done if a citizen complains about the behavior of the police or even after the confirmation of the citizen police if he says that the reported case is true.

He said that the dashboard of police is not limited to DPO only. On top of this, the RPO and the IG are also receiving information on each case so that they can monitor what is being updated in which district.

He added that the Ministry of Human Rights has written to the agencies asking them to suggest further improvements to the app. So we'll make changes to this app over time.

If someone finds a missing child, where should they report it?

The Zainab Alert app provides a list of each city with information about each case. In addition to the cases registered in these lists through Zainab Alert app or portal, the police have also been directed to upload the cases related to children registered in the police stations so that if any person has any child or incident in any place. If he wants to give information or report related to, he can remove the case from the list and say that I have seen the child in this time, place, condition.

Not only this, with the help of this app it is possible to take a picture of a child and upload it. The app also has the option to share on social media to help find missing children.

He added that the app is not only limited to the police department but also we are taking the database of Edhi Centers and Child Protection so that we can put it in our system as they also have such cases reported. Are In addition, we have tried this app in Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province before launching, which has received a very good response.

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