Who is the real owner of K-Electric and who is operating it?

Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed while expressing anger over the hearing of unannounced load shedding in Karachi and Sindh said that who is the real owner of K-Electric?

The unannounced load shedding of electricity in different parts of Karachi city including Sindh has made life difficult for the people. In this regard, Chief Justice of Pakistan Gulzar Ahmed during the hearing once again expressed anger over the performance of Electric.

During the hearing of the unannounced power outage case in Sindh headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed, other officials including CEO, MD and Chairman NEPRA appeared in the court.

Justice Faisal Arab asked the K Electric officials why they do not increase power generation in Karachi. On which K Electric said that the request to increase 900 MW has been forwarded to NEPRA, Justice Ijaz-ul-Ahsan said that what did NEPRA do to add 900 MW in the system?

Chairman NEPRA told the court that K Electric itself had obtained a restraining order from the court against him.

The Chief Justice of Pakistan had a conversation with MD K Electric saying that the MD of K Electric is still there, what is your intention? When will we supply electricity to Karachi? Where is CEO of K-Electric? CEO, are you still in office?

Justice Gulzar Ahmed asked who is the real owner of K Electric? Ali Zafar, a lawyer for K-Electric, said that K Electric has nine directors, K Electric is a joint venture between Saudi and Kuwaiti business groups.

On this the Chief Justice said that in the end there will be more groups behind these groups, in the end this company will land in Mumbai, on this Ali Zafar said that it is not true that this company belongs to Mumbai.

Justice Gulzar remarked that this is what we have heard, in the end someone from Mumbai will come out, I have heard that there is a servant named Sharma, if you were loyal to the country this would not be the case in Karachi, half the city is without electricity. Wakes up at night, heatwave is coming in the city and people are not getting electricity, when the company is controlled from Mumbai then it will happen.

He said that according to reports, power in Karachi and Balochistan is controlled from Mumbai, half of Karachi is plunged in darkness at night and every day I receive calls and messages that power is going out in Karachi 3 times a day, power in Karachi. The distribution of is being controlled from Mumbai, who will get how much electricity in the city is being controlled from Mumbai, it seems that in the end the fabric of this company will come out of Mumbai, this story will not end here, their There is someone else behind.

K Electric's lawyer said on the remarks of the Chief Justice that the information about the shareholders of Mumbai is completely wrong. On this, the Hon'ble Chief Justice said that we have read the news in the newspapers, we do not know the sources, corporate affairs would be complicated. There is someone else in front, there is someone else behind, someone else takes advantage in the end of the whole process, there are electric defaulters, they should be sent to jail, power supply is the basic right of the people which they are deprived Electricians can be fined heavily.

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