Swat, The Switzerland of Asia. Travel and Expectations

Breathtaking views, Sightseeing, Adventures  and much more. Pakistan's Switzerland "Swat" Where Paradise-like places attract people from all around the world


Swat is a district in Khyber PakhtunKhwa. Until 1970, it had the status of a state, but after that it was given the status of a district. Saidu Sharif, the capital of Malakand Division, is also located in the same district.
The beautiful valleys of Swat make it one of the most beautiful places in the country. This district is called the Switzerland of Pakistan because of its lush valleys and beautiful places. Swat has played an important role in the development of the Northern Areas. In addition to the lush green plains, it is also a center of trade. There are beautiful meadows and clear water springs. There are excellent educational institutions for the local people, which is why the people here are very hardworking as well as mentally developed and educated.
It is one of the most beautiful districts in the world and its distance from Peshawar is 170 km. Its total area is spread over 5337 square kilometers. It is bounded on the north by Chitral district, on the south by Buner district, on the east by Shangla district, on the west by Dera and Malakand Agency districts, and on the southeast by the beautiful state of the former state of Amb (Darband). Swat can be divided into three geographical parts. The first is Upper Swat, the second is Lower Swat and the third is Kohistan Swat.
Extremists in Swat in 2005 and Mullah Fazlullah started his own radio channel, because he thought radio was the best way to get news to the people here, so he tried to control the area. ۔ The people of Swat are mostly farmers and landowners. That is why the Taliban helped to resolve land disputes between the people quickly. Due to these Taliban, the people of Swat had to be displaced many times, because when the operation against the Taliban took place, it became difficult for many people to stay here because the people here are peace loving and do not get involved in any issue. There has been a lot of development in Swat since the establishment of Pakistan and the people here are living peacefully here after getting rid of extremists and peace, which is why tourism has also increased here. Selling dried fruits, fruits, women's hand-made hats, shawls, local food, etc. to tourists also increases their income.
The special thing about Swat Valley is that its beautiful green valleys and scenery, flowing waterfalls and rivers are enough to please the tourists who come here all the time. This is the reason why people like to come here not in any particular season but in every season of the year and tourism continues here throughout the year.

Beautiful Places and Shootings in Swat:

People come to Kalam, Madinah, Bahrain, Malam Jab, Gabin Jabba, Ronyal Valley not only for sightseeing but also for shooting their dramas and films. The scenic beauty of the place attracts the directors to shoot in these beautiful valleys instead of wearing fake sets.

After Operation Rah-e-Rast was launched by the Pakistan Army in 2008, peace was restored in many valleys here and shooting of dramas also started here. We shot a hit TV drama "Marble". Actors Noman Ijaz, Meekal Zulfiqar, Kabra Khan and Sania Saeed etc. were present here for several days for the shooting and were seen taking pictures of Ronyal's Hussain Wadi and sharing them. The whole drama seemed to play an important role in bringing the beauty of this beautiful valley of Swat to the TV screens of the viewers.

Winter Tourism:

Be sure to visit Khapal, Matta, Ronyal for tourism. People who want to see the snow-capped valleys come here in the winter (December to February) so that when they sit on the chairlift in Malam Jabba and see the valley, they are greeted by these beautiful white snow-capped valleys. Appear under the sheet. They can also ski in white snow-covered valleys, as the valleys offer a view of "Wonderland" in winter. It has been under the control of extremists for many years, so skiing was considered haraam. However, after getting rid of the extremists, a ski resort was set up here in January 2017 and a "World Skiing Tournament" was held. Helped further the revival of tourism here during the winter. Then in 2019, a "Snow Jeep Rally" was also held here, in which the participants drove a jeep from Mhodand to Kalam. Tourists were also enthusiastic during the rally.

What Should tourists bring with them:

Tourists who come here in winter must bring warm shawls, jackets, sweaters, socks, long leather shoes and other accessories. Otherwise, the icy winds here will freeze their blood.
Hotels and resorts in Malam Jabba, Gabin Jabba, Miandam, etc. provide a very comfortable environment for tourists.

Summer Tourism:

Those who are fond of adventure and love to climb the mountains here and see the beautiful valleys of Swat from a height, should come here in the summer season. Because in this season tourists can relax, camp, climb the mountains and fulfill their adventure. The mountains and tree ranges, beautiful rivers and waterfalls show the true beauty of the summer season. People who like to see blue or green water lakes should visit the lakes of Mittaltan and Mhodand.

Lake Mhodand can be counted among the most beautiful lakes in the world. Tourists can come here by boating and see their reflection in the clear water of the lake. The mountain ranges and lush valleys around the lake remind the tourists of life again. That is why once he comes here, he wants to come again and again.
Tourists come to the beautiful valley of Swat, but the poor condition of the GT Road, Malam Jabba Road and the main highway from Bahrain to Kalam also spoils their mood. In many places, tourists have to endure long queues of traffic. When there is more snow and rain, then travel by road becomes impossible. These are all issues that, if resolved, could further boost Pakistan's tourism to Switzerland in the future.

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