National T20 Cup: Bookmaker contacts Player, Player informs cricket board

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Thursday confirmed that a bookmaker had contacted a player during the ongoing National T20 Cup in Rawalpindi, but the player immediately informed the Pakistan Cricket Board's anti-corruption unit.

The PCB's anti-corruption unit has launched an investigation and informed the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

The BBC has learned that the player contacted by the bookmaker has not yet played international cricket.

Why is the bookmaker interested in domestic tournaments?

Match-fixing or spot-fixing offers to cricketers by a bookmaker or a suspicious person are usually made in international matches but in recent years bookmakers have also been eyeing T20 leagues played in different countries. ۔

Regarding the bookmaker's contact with a player in a domestic tournament in Pakistan, Pakistan Cricket Board sources said that the bookmakers' interest in the National T20 Cup is not surprising because the National T20 Cup It has become a popular tournament which has received great acclaim at home and abroad and its matches are being watched with great interest.

Sources also say that since the International Cricket Council has taken strict measures to curb corruption in international cricket, bookmakers have started targeting various domestic tournaments.

In recent years, there have been reports of suspicious contacts with cricketers in low-level cricket played in various Gulf countries.

In fact, bookmakers try to get into every event where they see the potential to make money.

The matter has been handed over to the FIA

Lieutenant Colonel (retd) Asif Mehmood, Director, Anti-Corruption and Security Unit, Pakistan Cricket Board, said that the cricketer's immediate notification to the Pakistan Cricket Board about the bookmaker's offer and contact was proof that Has full confidence in Pakistan Cricket Board's anti-corruption unit.

He said that it also shows that the players are well aware of their responsibilities and what they should do in such a situation as the Pakistan Cricket Board gives regular lectures to the players on anti-corruption.

Colonel (retd) Asif Mehmood said that while investigating the case, some important information has been obtained which has been provided to the FIA ​​which has better resources and capabilities to deal with such cases. ۔

It may be recalled that during the last decade, several Pakistani players have been punished for their links with the Buckeyes, while some have reported it immediately. During the last IPL, Umar Akmal was banned for contacting the Buckeyes. Earlier, Sharjeel Khan and Naveed Latif also faced similar restrictions.

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