How Motivational Speakers Decieve you into buying their Stuff

There are many scams in modern bourgeois society, some are easy-loaded Saba-level harmless, some are large-scale, such as motivational speakers.

Motivational speakers usually tell you the story of an athlete who worked hard to become a world champion, or an athlete who had an accident and still showed his dedication and hard work. The reason he won the competition - or a businessman who was denied a loan by a bank in 1980 and now owns that bank -

The motto of all the motivational speakers I have heard is to follow your passion, success is in that and success means success in entrepreneurship or art or sports etc.

According to research, 75% of venture startups fail, regardless of the size of the scam - 50% of them fail within five years of starting - (American Business Magazine Fast Company)

It's all about big business that starts with venture capital, now it's about small business, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20% of small businesses fail in the first two years. Forty-five percent in the first five years, sixty-five percent in the first ten years, and only twenty-five percent of new businesses last fifteen years or more.

Keep in mind that these are figures from the nineteen-nineties to the present. If you start with the year 2000 or 2005, the number of failures will increase even more because of the global financial crisis. Will have more impact.

So if someone tries to convince you to quit whatever you do and start a business and the next Mukesh Ambani is you, then that person is just trying to sell you tickets for his event. His words have nothing to do with reality.

Follow your passion and go for whatever you are interested in sports, art, music, film, it sounds great but the problem is that the country we live in is ruled by the state. There is no social security available - you have to take care of everything yourself, from your treatment, to your children's education, rent and old age pension - if it were a country where standard treatment is free. If quality education had been free, building a house was not a difficult task, then it would have been possible for people to go for art, sports and they would not have gone hungry, but this is not the case here - every athlete here except a national level cricketer. , Not every artist lives a comfortable life but suffers from financial difficulties - no boxer from Lyari, no matter how good he is, no matter how many Olympic medals he wins, does not become Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali, but someone for the passing of time. No one else does the work and dies of anonymity.

Motivational speakers are frauds everywhere but one of the problems of Pakistani Indian motivational speakers is that they copy Western motivational speakers and give examples of Western athletes and entrepreneurs and forget the difference in their circumstances and There is a difference in our situation - in the United States it was quite possible for Will and Ariel Durant to leave their university jobs to become full-time writers and have their books sold so that they could make a good living out of it. Even the greatest writer here will be forced to live in conditions like Manto if he learns nothing but writing - every parent in South Asia wants their child to top the class and the doctor, the engineer. Nothing happens and there is a reason for such a desire, they know that if their child goes to art, sports or any "unconventional" field, it is more likely that he will roll - the culprit is the subcontinent. And neither are the parents of India, but the situation and system here is the real culprit.

Every society and every age situation is different, one society or age situation cannot be followed in another society or age - if I gather restaurant staff from all over Pakistan and tell them the story of Narendra Modi that a Chaiwala can also become the Prime Minister of the country if he works hard in politics - but to say such things is just to deceive the people, Indian politics is different, it is possible in mainstream parties other than the Congress, but in Pakistani politics Things are unthinkable, anyone who participates in any mainstream political party here will chant slogans of 'Long live and long live' all their lives and if they have money, they will become more and more councilors, MPAs, MNAs. Nothing more will happen - if someone leaves his job as a waiter and jumps into politics thinking that Narendra Modi can become the Prime Minister, then why not me? So he will make the wrong decision.

Similarly, if one is fooled by a motivational speaker and thinks that the next Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk will be the same, then he is being fooled by a mere fraud because the way Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister is a disgrace. This is the case. All these are exceptional cases. They are not normal. The principle of capitalism is that the first mover always has an advantage and it leads to monopoly. Bill Gates built the operating system when the world was running on DOS. So he went ahead,

Now, if someone makes such an effort, they will not be able to leave behind Microsoft or Apple, etc. - Yes, it is possible that a programmer can make a good app, then big companies will buy his app, but I quit my job thinking of this possibility It would be a bad decision for me to start learning programs.

Motivational speakers and various "gurus" are the frauds of modern capitalist society.

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