England Tour will Boost the confidence of other Teams in Pakistan: Ehsan Mani

British players have already come to Pakistan to play PSL, this tour will be an advantage that will be easy for Australia for the 2021 season: Chairman PCB

Lahore (Urdu Point Latest Newspaper. October 17, 2020) The English Cricket Board has confirmed the invitation of the Pakistan Cricket Board for the tour. According to the English Cricket Board, the Pakistan Cricket Board has invited the tour in January 2021. B and other stakeholders will make the final decision and the ECB will play its role in reviving international cricket in Pakistan.

The English board says security and health issues will have to be looked at before the proposed visit to Pakistan. Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ehsan Mani has said that England's visit to Pakistan for a week early next year would be a small step but The positive effects of this small step will be huge. If the England team comes to Pakistan for a short tour, it will be a big breakthrough and the impact of this small step will be huge and it will increase the confidence of other teams in Pakistan.

12, 13 England players have already come to Pakistan to play PSL, they did not have any problem coming here but stayed in a comfortable environment, still if this tour happens it will be a short tour which will be a week But the advantage is that Australia will have an easy time for the 2021 season. After that there will be similar tours, the England team will come to Pakistan for a full tour and I think we will build a big building with small building blocks.

Overnight teams are not full of supporters to come to Pakistan, they are not sending teams to Pakistan at the request of one, all this is the result of the credibility and trust of Pakistan and the PCB, our management has done things that are now serious We have never made a promise that was not fulfilled, we did what we said. We have done successful events in Pakistan, we have played PSL matches which everyone has praised, England Board Chief Executive Tom Harrison came to Pakistan with security people, he has seen the situation here himself, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Ireland cricket officials came to Pakistan, they saw it all with their own eyes, they all said that Pakistan's security arrangements are not inferior to any other country, so the confidence increased and everyone felt that we did what we said.

He lauded Chief Executive Wasim Khan and said that he had a connection with England, he had been with the committees of the England Board and he persuaded the England Board for talks. Recently the Pakistan team visited England unconditionally, they felt that Pakistan has worked for the world of cricket despite difficult circumstances, we have been taken seriously and the result is that people trust us Talking, the situation may change overnight but we will try to have the next series in Pakistan successfully.

Zimbabwe's security delegation has returned after the visit and was happy with the arrangements made here, then South Africa has to come, similarly we would like other teams including Australia to come to Pakistan and like in the past all Pakistan series Pakistan I am

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