US court has barred the government from banning Chinese applications

 The Trump administration has called VChat a threat to national security after the US Department of Commerce called for a ban on Chinese applications: media sources

WASHINGTON, Sept. 22, 2020 / A U.S. citizen who used VChat has challenged in court the Trump administration's ban on the application. The Trump administration has called VChat a threat to national security, after the US Department of Commerce announced a ban on Chinese applications on Sunday and is closing them immediately.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, a US magistrate has ruled that the ban on Chinese messaging and payment application VChat raises serious questions about the US government's First Amendment on freedom of expression. The court's blocking of the president's executive order will not only frustrate the president's administration, but also undermine the president's commitment to better resolving national security issues.

The US government has said that the Chinese application VChat could provide data on US citizens to the Chinese government. On the other hand, VChat and the Chinese government have strongly denied the Trump administration's claim and called the US government's decision unfortunate. It should be noted that the Trump administration also banned the Chinese lip-syncing app TikTak. However, Tik Tak has also challenged the US President's move in court.

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