Tik Tok Fever

The tik tok  epidemic is spreading all over the world today. The application was introduced in September 2016. And in a very short time it started to be used all over the world. ... Initially, the application was called Musical. Later updated to Tick Talk.

After all, what is it about Tik Tak that people are using this app so much… ..I just had the same curiosity and I also created my own private account on Tik Tak… ..what I did to make videos myself I didn't do it at all. I just wanted to see what is so special about it. So I just created an account! If an ordinary servant starts getting fame in any way, then that person becomes accustomed to that fame. Tick Talk is also an app which proves to be very positive in making an ordinary servant famous.

A closer look reveals that every person behind this app is crazy because it's the best time to spend. It also gives you fame. People get to know you. Like, comment and share on your good performance. They also make a video of you that you made like this so viral that it gets shared and reaches the media and then you become a famous tick talk star in your city; ... tick Talk stars include boys and girls, children and adults alike… ... who will dance and say that they attract people through acting… ... videos of a slave made on a good content, if successful, then the next Hundreds of people copy the same content that makes videos and receive gifts; ... and now there are regular Tick Talk Stars for MNG and Met & Greetings for which people buy tickets exclusively. Watch their performances and take selfies with them and then upload those videos on social media * ... Let me remind you again that they also have top girls جو ..who makes special pictures and videos with everyone laughing and saying hello خوش.

There is no doubt that a lot of talented people have come forward through tick tock which are really admirable. But the requirement of faith is that it is not right to make such public videos of girls. I don't allow it and then it is a very wrong thing to go out in public and dance with boys and make videos with them. I am referring to girls in particular because girls are the honor of the house and the honors are sold in this way. But dancing and auctioning doesn't happen… .These things may feel very bitter while reading but the truth is bitter… ..People are very fond of watching those videos and also like and then comment in it. They are also so humiliating. Sometimes they even write abusive words and some of them even make immoral videos by doing the duty with those videos and then the same girls put their heads down later.

In fact, tick-tock is spreading like a disease in our society. It is an addiction that once addicted, it is difficult to get rid of, because people who have millions of followers are also earning through this app. … ... It's just that no one likes fame or money… ..TickTalk has given this platform to people who are increasingly taking advantage of it

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