These Two things are extremely important to make progress in life

Without these two things, no individual, no institution, no organization, no family, no society and no country can develop. To the best of my knowledge, I tried my best to get one of the two out of the way, but I didn't find any great examples.

Here are they:

1۔ Knowledge
2. Wealth

By separating these two things, no one can grow or attain the heights of prosperity. If the glorious days of the Muslims are studied and their history is poor, then the Muslims will be seen to be on the path of progress in every age when they had knowledge and research and wisdom as well as immense wealth, then Muslim trade. But he was also the ruler of the world. That is, knowledge and wealth had made him the ruler of the world.

Even today developed countries are ruling the world because of these two. Pakistan's best talent cannot stay in Pakistan just because Pakistan cannot compensate for their talent. You should only survey one field. That poor talent would prefer to go to countries where they are heavily paid and their knowledge is valued.

I had heard from someone or read somewhere that * wealth and knowledge cannot be combined *. I could not agree with this point even though I wanted to. I read the biographies of many eminent scholars and researchers. I saw in them abundant wealth with knowledge. I also visited many schools. The seminary which has a big budget has earned a name and made a name for itself. Among the Islamic scholars, from Imam Abu Hanifa to Mufti Taqi Usmani, every great man is rich. None of them ever waited for lentil bread, nor did the wife bother for the treatment of the children. I know hundreds of people who had great knowledge, excelled in reading and understanding but were poor, their poverty limited them to their village.

Even today, madrassas and universities and universities and educational institutions that have a good budget are succeeding.
The Islamic world has abundant resources but due to lack of knowledge and research they are not counted in any account. If these countries only knew how to use their resources properly ie scientifically, they would not be so weak. Not possible without it. Wealth alone does not work.

You must disagree with me, but take a closer look at the ten eminent scholars, scientists and scholars, the ten eminent institutions and the ten developed countries who have made a name for themselves in the world or who have a reputation in Pakistan as well. You will see knowledge and wealth go hand in hand with them. Without these days they are zero.

I have read about Saadi Shirazi. He had said that

* Man should acquire abundant knowledge in the world and at the same time earn immense wealth *

Amir Tameer followed Saadi's words wholeheartedly and became * Temur the Great *. Never read his biography if you get the chance.

I know dozens of scholars, scholars, researchers and scholars whose poverty has made a mockery of their knowledge and research, and they are at the mercy of others. And I know hundreds of intellectuals, writers and scholars whose wealth promoted their knowledge and research and wisdom and they were accepted by the society and they also recognized themselves from the society and did a great job in their art. Also did Without wealth, knowledge, wisdom, research and wisdom would have been accepted by Andallah, but Andalnas, his examples are few and far between. Yes, remember that Allah has shown hatred towards the rich people who have stockpiled wealth, that is, the wealth of Qarun is an example of this. Such people preferred deposits over investments. The cause of recession is that they are unpopular with Allah and His creatures.

God does not hate those who invest wealth and invest one factory after another, one after the other, because of which thousands of people earn their living and their children get education.
In the world, those who work for a fixed wage, Allah does not bless their wealth and gives them abundantly those who work even when they are not in need. And they create livelihood opportunities for others. Andalus is both admirable and worthy of imitation.

In any case, take a quick look at each individual, family, institution, organization, society and country that is developing or has developed. Wealth and knowledge and research will go hand in hand. When I tried to find out the secret of the development of the Aga Khan Foundation's educational institutions, I realized that they have a lot of budget in the field of education. They would spend this budget seriously on the sciences and arts that society needs. That is, those who have market value.

I also know a scholar about whom Sheikh Taqi Usmani had said that * such a great scholar is with you and you are with me *

Even the most intelligent scholar is confined to his district and the bells of Taqi Usmani's knowledge resound throughout the world.

I also know dozens of such writers from whom I also write well but crores have been invested in them and today they are called famous writers and informed journalists. Just do one thing. * Do not keep knowledge and wealth in separate boxes. * Run both at the same time

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