These Facebook tips and trick will make your Facebook experience more valuable

Every day more than one billion use Facebook but many users do not know all the functions of Facebook. That's why we're giving you few tips on how to improve your online privacy with regards your facebook user experience.

1) Disable Read Receipt

By disabling Read Receipt, you can live in peace. This feature lets your friends know you've read their message.

After that, the longer you respond to your friend, the more likely he is to get angry. There is no option in Facebook to disable Read Receipt. You need to use third party tools or plugins. Tools like the Facebook Unseen App and Crossrider’s Chat Undetected are available for this task.

These are only available for desktop Chrome, Firefox or Explorer.

2)How to remove last scene option?

The Last Seen option in Messenger also tells your friends when you were last seen on Messenger. The easiest way to get rid of this feature is to delete Messenger and use Facebook for messaging.

3)How do your friends view your profile?

If you want to see what your profile looks like to the public or your friends, click on the lock icon at the top right of the notification icon.

Then click on Who can see my stuff? Click on What What do other people see on my timeline?"You can see how the public will see your profile. Here you can click on View as Specific Person. You can check by looking at the profile of any friend by typing your name.

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