Success is an Individual Thing

 Once I agreed to go to a government office for a job. There was a gentleman there who was probably a clerk. I approached him for my work and he motioned me to sit in a chair in front of me and got busy with his own work. A man came in from outside and said to the clerk, "Sir, this is my job. Please sign this paper with a big smile." The clerk said, "Give me this paper, sir. When they are finished, I will get them to sign." So the man said to the clerk, "Sir, take some tea and water, but I really need this paper today."

Hearing this, the clerk looked at the man in astonishment and asked softly, "Sir, how much can you pay me to sell my conscience?" Can you pay me enough to be satisfied with my life? Can I become the richest man in town with this price you have paid? Could I have spent so much of your money that I don't have to work for the rest of my life?

Hearing these words of the clerk, the man went out in silence but my eyes sat still in front of the clerk's face. I got up immediately and came home and closed the door of the room and sat on the chair and went into deep thought.

After a long time, when I came out of deep thought, I understood the whole game that success is really the name of the game. Living in a society where you do not have something that is different from everyone else, you are not successful. The only thing you can achieve in your life is the only thing that is unique to you. Even if you achieve it in the last year of your life, you will be called a successful person. Unfortunately, our education system is traditional due to which the stars appear to be shining on the sky of this earth, but these eyes have not seen the moon for a long time. To create the moon, we have to rebuild the infrastructure. It will take time with a positive thinking and whether we do something or not, time is running out.

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