Small Business, Big Success

Any business cannot be profitable unless it involves hard work. The importance of high morals and values ​​in a business is very well emphasized.

In modern business terms, this becomes a rule for hundreds of business people to do at the same time ... and it is called legal.
While Islam has clarified some limits along with thick vision ... A few broad principles are stated, which are as follows:

1. The Prophet's command is to avoid certain things in trade. These included usury, fraud, dishonesty, selling one's product by swearing falsely, concealing defects in goods, adulteration and hoarding.

2. Today's artificial means and advertisements increase the demand for artificial things. This is not a favorable practice in the eyes of Islam. Therefore, the Holy Prophet has forbidden this work. The trade in illicit goods was declared highly unpopular.

Now I had to have a discussion with Abu on this topic. So I started with the first question over the evening tea. "AbuJi, two servants  worked in the same trade, one succeeded and the other failed.

"Even with a lot of money and hard work, they would have failed." Abu sipped a cup of tea and said, "Because I think business is almost a matter of luck. If you want to succeed, you can't get it at work, you can't get it at the cost of millions." ... "

My next question is "So how do we know we should not be businessmen?? And why not ???

Abu gulped, "Look, son, one thing is clear, we get what has been written in our destiny in any case. We should try to stay within our limits. All the rest belongs to God."

The matter came to the court of God and destiny and where we can easily understand God's policies so I asked the next question with a small objection.

But why does God want some people to be successful and some not? Why is a servant not getting success when he is working hard ??

Abu's smile deepened. "Because we don't know what he knows, so we object. In fact, it is a hasty event. Some people want to progress overnight, so they can't stand it."

When you start a business, you start to think of yourself as a wise person and start making wrong decisions.... And some would forget about halal and haraam. Lies, deceit, dishonesty. When one gets involved in business, then temporary success would come but the end would be failure.

Man should rely on God. He should try his best with the available resources. Leave the result to God. "

I was not one of those who was easily satisfied, so I raised another objection ... So Abu Ji, is it true about Muslims ?? that they do not work hard and leave everything to God. ??
And they don't give up and keep on winning ... "

Abu smiled openly. "Well, wow ... what hard work did he do ??"
Don't you know the history of successful, famous or rich people of the world ??? Bill Gates - whether Apple's founder is an Indian business tycoon or Mark Zuckerberg - weren't these average students?

His teachers were disappointed with him ... nor did he work day and night. But because they had wealth in their destiny, so whatever they did, they had to get as much wealth in any case. After all, who has stopped them from working hard? Of course work hard and try but don't try to get rich in wrong ways.

At the same time, Abu narrated the story of Hazrat Ali "Once Hazrat Ali goes for prayers, he hands over his horse to a servant to take care of him. The servant takes care of him. When Hazrat Ali comes after the prayers, the horse is present but the horse But there is no saddle. The servant has stolen the saddle and left. Hazrat walks holding the reins of the horse. When he passes by the bazaar, at one place he sees the saddle of his horse. When asked about it, he says that a servant has just sold it to me for a few dinars. Hazrat Ali takes the same amount out of his pocket and gives it to the merchant and takes the saddle and puts it back on the horse and says.

"So many dinars were written in the destiny of this thief today. He had to get them anyway ... because I was thinking during the prayers that after the prayers I would give him the same dinars in return for the protection of the horse from which I have now bought the saddle." Due to impatience and greed, he got dinars, but he made it haraam for himself ... "

And with that incident, Abu's point of view became very clear in my mind. Our discussion ended with Abu saying that happiness and comfort are not related to any business or wealth. The richer a person is, the more he is not necessarily happy.
Happiness is in human beings, it is in relationships, not in wealth.

Finally, with a joke

Once a businessman goes to the beach to relieve depression and frustration, he sees a fisherman lying on the bed sleeping comfortably. He approaches him and addresses the fisherman.

"Looks like you didn't have a good day today. You didn't catch a single fish. You have to work harder."

The fisherman removed the arm over his eyes and looked at the businessman questioningly

"Well ...! What will happen if you work harder ??"

The businessman explained "The harder you work, the better the net and the more fish"

"And Then?" The fisherman asked.

"More fish, more money. You start enterprise, people will work underneath your. Your business will become an empire" the businessman replied.

"And then? what happens next? asked the fisherman.

"You will chill at some beach and relax while others work for you" said the businessman.

So what am I doing right now? The fisherman replied.

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