Rules of Success and successful business partnership

If you turn the pages of history, you will find countless people touching the pinnacle of development. In the same way, countless people will be caught in the whirlpool of economic crises and will be seen as a myth forever. The goal is to acquire wealth only or the acquisition of wealth is the means to achieve a certain goal. Every sane person will say that the acquisition of wealth is not a struggle in itself but it is used as a means, communication or tool. Therefore, those who consider the acquisition of wealth as the purpose of life become business celebrities, but they do not achieve anything special in life due to lack of purpose in nature, so it is important to understand at the outset that the acquisition of wealth and acquisition There is a fundamental difference in the struggle for sustenance which starts from thinking and affects every action of your whole life. Many people stumble here and regret it towards the end of their life because the pursuit of wealth never happens. In any religion, in a civilized society, the purpose of life cannot be the requirements of nature. Believe me, no one with a low income can live a happy life, but the fact is that if the lives of those who have more money and those who have less money are compared, the happier life is for those who have less money and that life The joys and sorrows, the economic ups and downs of the Almasha,

So far we have come to understand that amassing wealth is not the purpose of life. We are Muslims and we believe that the beloved Prophet of God, the reason for the creation of the universe, Muhammad, the Prophet, is our greatest benefactor, leader and benefactor. If the acquisition of wealth is not the purpose of his life, then certainly not ours.

But this does not mean that the acquisition of wealth is forbidden in Islam. If the acquisition of wealth is not the purpose of life, but the means of meeting the necessities of life, strengthening the weaker sections around it, it is considered a means of nearness to God. Rather, whoever observes its Islamic limits and restrictions, his resurrection will be with the Prophets, the truthful and the martyrs according to the meaning of a hadith. Praise be to Allaah. That is why the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) himself And one of the sayings of Mubarak means that nine out of ten is kept in the provision of trade.

You see, it is not said to go out in search of money, but it is said to go out in search of sustenance.

It has now become clear that making money is not the purpose of life but a means of earning a living. No problem, and thirdly, the best source of livelihood is not employment but trade and that is the subject of our column today.

At this point, the debate over whether trade should be done alone or in partnership with someone, ie, adoption of a partnership or partnership, etc., is very important. There are many different views and the importance of their own place. There are also owners, but 80% of successful businesses run on partnership. Yes, there are also 20% who are successful businesses without partnership. One thing must come to your mind that in the current economic situation of the country when all businesses Have been severely affected and dear country pakistan has been suffering from economic instability for decades so how can you think of business when thousands of businesses are at stake then consume sir if you want to do business alone or in partnership Involve the entity in your business. Believe that in an uncertain situation, that entity will make your sunken business look like four moons that the world will see. There is a hundred percent guarantee of success.

If you involve A-Pak in your business and honestly take out a certain amount of profit and spend it on meeting the needs of deserving people in the way of Allah, then you can be sure that you will never incur any financial loss but you will be free from losses. They will go out and become the owners of a profitable business. 

Finally, let's briefly mention some of the reasons for the business deficit.

(1 We do not think of the benefit of the customer, we only think of filling our pockets.

(2) We do not pay Zakat due to which there is no blessing in the provision and the blessing is not called the abundance of money but the fulfillment of the need in a good way with more or less money is called blessing.

(3) We do not show mercy to our relatives, we do not take care of our neighbors and neighbors. Believe me when you are fulfilling your need of ten rupees for a hundred rupees or in a luxury way and at the same time your If a dear relative or neighbor suffers from any trouble or compulsion that can be met with a few rupees, then at the same time the blessings and abundance of sustenance begin to disappear, so take care of your dear relatives and neighbors. Let a few thousand rupees received by someone through you increase your wealth by millions of rupees.

(5) Treat your co-workers and employees with respect, treat them well, take care of their needs, address them in a good manner and do not humiliate them in the name of reform. He who does not take care of his subordinates is not blessed with sustenance.

(6) Avoid haraam means. See the distribution of the provision of the Almighty. This world is created by the Almighty and the blessings in it belong to the Almighty and the benefit of it is obtained without the command of the Almighty. That is why it is necessary for a Muslim to avoid the means which the Almighty has forbidden to adopt, otherwise remember that all the authority is in the hands of the Almighty, no matter how smart and cunning we become. We cannot go beyond the reach of the Almighty, so in order to benefit from the blessings created by the Almighty in this world, it is necessary to take advantage of the ways He has described, otherwise the loss will be our destiny both in this world and in the Hereafter. The world and the hereafter.

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