Ronnie O'Sullivan: World snooker champion loses to 18-year-old

Ronnie O'Sullivan, 44, is considered one of the best snooker players in the world, but surprisingly he has been knocked out of the European Masters after losing to an 18-year-old.

Aaron Hill of Ireland, who defeated Ronnie O'Sullivan, is just 18 years old and was not even born when Ronnie O'Sullivan won the World Championship for the first time in 2001.

This was Ronnie O'Sullivan's first match since winning the world title in August.

When the match started, they were losing by one frame to three, but then they fought back and took a three to four lead.

But Aaron Hill won the last two frames and won the match.

Another surprising result of this kind came when three-time world champion Mark Williams, 45, was defeated by 24-year-old Peter Devlin.

When Ronnie O'Sullivan won the quarterfinals at the World Championships in August, he was asked if he had ever thought that when he and Mark Williams started playing snooker, he would think so 26 years later. They will be rivals.

Speaking to BBC Two, Ronnie O'Sullivan added: "If you look at today's young players, they are not so good. You look at them and think that I have to amputate one of my arms and legs to lose to them and also get out of the list of 50 best players, then I will go somewhere and lose. That's why I'm still playing, because they play so badly.

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