Messi's criticism of Luis Suarez's departure from Barcelona

Following the departure of Luis Suarez from Spanish club Barcelona, ​​star footballer Messi has sharply criticized the management and said that the head of the club is responsible for it.

According to a foreign news agency, star footballer Lionel Messi has strongly criticized the move of Barcelona to expel Luis Suarez from the club and said that his teammates deserved better treatment.

Messi added in his statement that Luis Suarez should not have been expelled from the club. Paying tribute to Suarez, Messi said it would be "amazing" to see him in another team's uniform
Luis Suarez is considered one of the best players in the history of the Barcelona club. He achieved a lot individually and collectively. It should be noted that Luis Suarez, a footballer from Uruguay, is the highest scoring player in the history of Barcelona. He played in 283 matches and scored 198 goals.

The 33-year-old has won four La Liga titles, four Copa del Rey, the Champions League and the Club World Cup. He now has a two-year low-paying contract with Atletico Madrid.

Barcelona made it clear to Suarez that the club no longer needed him.

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