"Messages, videos and photos sent on WhatsApp will be automatically deleted" A great feature of the popular application

WhatsApp, the world's leading messaging application, has started work on introducing the facility to send 'automatically deleted' messages as well as automatically deleted videos and photos. Will be available to users soon.

According to WhatsApp Beta Info, a website that monitors changes in WhatsApp, the feature is an extension of the previously announced 'automatically deleted' feature 'Message Expiring', which was announced by WhatsApp. It will be called 'Media Expiring'.

Users will have the option to enable this feature and send photos, videos or GIFs to anyone, then they will disappear from the chat window immediately after the sender sees it. This feature of WhatsApp is currently being tested while no date has been announced for the inclusion of this feature in the app.

Note that a few months ago, WhatsApp announced the introduction of the feature of automatically deleting messages only, which includes deleting only text messages, but under the new feature, videos and photos can also be deleted automatically.

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