Meet Pakistani Kids who are millionaires

Making money is not the job of children, but the goddess of wealth is kind to some children in such a way that they feel the urge to earn it from childhood and they are counted among the richest people - their money. The side pulls like a magnet and fate entangles them in a golden cradle. We will tell you about some such children today.

1: Pir Ahmad Shah

May of you might know about him already because he is at a height of fame with just an innocent video shared on social media. Pir Ahmad Shah is equally loved in Pakistan as well as in many countries of the world because of his style. Pir Ahmad Shah, an eight-year-old who has gained popularity on social media, has been a regular part of the Ramadan transmission of a private Pakistani channel for the past two years and in return he is paid a hefty fee. People estimate that the compensation is in crores. Regular figures of their income have not come out yet but according to one estimate, their only source of income is not only this channel but they also work in various advertisements. He also has a personal YouTube channel with up to 1.2 million followers from which he earns a lot of money.

2: Shamil Zahid

Shamil Zahid is a well known tick talker with over 1.8 million followers. His tick tack videos are famous for his lavish lifestyle - he is said to be the only child in Pakistan who has a personal name called Lamborghini. He owns a car. The car is worth up to Rs 280 million. He owns the most expensive phone, the iPhone 11 and the Samsung Pro. He also has his own YouTube channel, which has thousands of followers. His father is associated with the IT sector and is a very wealthy man. Shamil is an O-level student in a private school in Lahore and is very keen on food and drink. Is . At the age of 17, Shamil still can't drive his own car. But he often shares his tick-tock videos with his car.

3: Somail Hassan

It can be rightly said about Somail Hassan that if you read and write, you will be bad, if you play, you will dive, then you will become Nawab Somail Hassan was born in Karachi in 1999. He had been fond of playing video games since his childhood. Since he did not have a computer at home, he used to pursue his hobby by going to internet cafes. The bike was sold just to buy time to play the game - in 2005 he won first prize of پانچ 5 million in an international video game competition, after which he moved to the United States with his parents and became a regular video game team. Made and won huge sums in these competitions. It cannot be said with certainty about their total ownership but whatever they earned they earned with their strong arm and are considered to be the leading players in video games internationally.

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