How to Take Android Phone Screenshots Directly From PC

You might know how to take a Screen Shot of your phone. Today we show you how you can get a live screenshot of your smartphone on your PC.

Use of Air Droid

To take a screenshot directly from an Android smartphone on a PC, you'll need to use an application called AirDroid.

With this application you can manage your smartphone through your PC web browser. This application also allows you to transfer files. To take a screenshot from a smartphone on a PC, first click here to install AirDroid: Remote access & File on your phone.

Then connect your smartphone and PC to the same Wi-Fi network.

Then launch the AirDroid application in your phone. Here you will see the IP address and port number written. Make a note of them or just tap on the QR code scanner. Now open in your Pc web browser. Here you will see the Scan QR Code option. Scan this code with the help of AirDroid application and accept the connection in your Android device.

Your phone and Windows PC will now connect. When connected, you will see the Screenshot option in the interface. Here you can take and save screenshot from PC.

Using Android SDK

You can also take a screenshot from a smartphone on your computer using the Android SDK. To do this, first download the Java Development Kit (JDK) from Oracle's website.

Then download the Android SDK from Google's Android Developers website.

Then right click on SDK Manager Shortcut and select Run as administrator. Check the Android SD Platform-tools box and install it. Then turn on USB Debugging mode on Android. After turning on this mode, connect the Android device and PC via USB cable.

Now go to C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Android \ android-SDK and launch ddms.bat. Select your Android phone from the interface that appears here and click on the device. Then select Screen Capture from the Device drop-down menu. It will take a screenshot of your latest Android screen. After taking a screenshot, refresh for another screenshot and take a screenshot and click Save.

Use of ApowerMirror

You can also take a screenshot of a smartphone on your PC using ApowerMirror. A Power Mirror is an excellent screen mirroring application. It allows you to take screenshots, record full screens and use other features of Android.

To use APowerMirror, first click here to download and install this program.

Then click here to install the Android application. Then turn on the USB Debugging mode in your Android device and connect it to the computer. Then launch APowerMirror on the computer and Select the Android device and click on Start Now. Now you can see the full Android screen on your computer. Tap on the screenshot icon to take a screenshot of the screen.

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