How to Disable windows updates in windows 10

Windows 10 is the most widely used operating system for personal computers. Windows 10, launched in June 2015 by Microsoft is the world's most popular Operating system. Since 2015, Microsoft has made a number of significant changes to Windows 10, which have led to significant improvements in performance. However, the feature of Windows Update in Windows 10 has proved to be a headache for most users.

By default, the windows update feature is always enabled to keep users safe. However, since this feature is working in the background all the time and is also consuming the internet stream, computers with low RAM and low processor speed have a clear difference in performance and They become sluggish.

Prior to Windows 10, all versions of Windows introduced by Microsoft had the option to turn off or change the Windows Update feature in the Control Panel, from which users could easily make their desired settings.

However, there is no option to turn off or restart Windows Update in the Windows 10 Control Panel. Today we will show users the easiest way to turn off or restart the Windows Update feature in Windows 10. First you turn on your computer, then press Windows Logo + R simultaneously. Now a box of run commands will open in front of you. Enter your services.msc here.

This will open the windows Services window. Here you will see the details of all the Windows services on the right side. Press W here,  and you will see a list of services whose name starts with W. Scroll down the list a bit and you will see an option called Windows Update.

Open this option by double clicking. Here you will see an option called Startup Status. This option is preceded by Enable or Disabled. If the service is enabled and you want to turn off Windows Update, disable it. And if Windows Update is off and you want to re-enable it, remove Disabled and enable it.
Then just below this option there will be an option of service status, here if the service is Start then stop it.

The Windows Update feature has been turned off. After that you must restart your computer once. It should also be noted that in order to make all these changes it is necessary that the account from which you are logged in Windows must have Administrative Rights, otherwise you mentioned above. Will not be able to make past changes.

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