How to Disable AutoCorrect option from Google Keyboard

Although Google's Gboard keyboard application has done a lot of work, chatters in Roman Urdu are very worried about its auto-correct feature. By default, it automatically corrects incorrect words, while in Roman Urdu it is not required. Would You can also easily disable this feature.

If you don't use the Gboard app, click here to download it from the Play Store.

To disable AutoCricket in Gboard

First, open the Gboard from the app drawer and go directly to the app's preferences.

Alternatively, press and hold a comma on your keyboard to get to the same preferences menu.

There will be several options to personalize the application. One of them is Text Correction.

By tapping on it you will see the Auto-correction option in the next menu. Toggling this will disable the AutoCorrect feature. IOS users can disable this feature in almost the same way.

To disable this feature in iOS, navigate to Keyboard Settings from Gboard Settings. Swipe down a bit to get auto correction. You can disable AutoCorrect by tapping on this option.

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