How to convert any youtube video into an animated GIF

CompuServe introduced the GIF format in 1987. Initially, this format was used to convert many images into an animated image. Nowadays video can also be converted to GIF format. There is a lot of software for making GIF from pictures or videos. Even various online videos or parts of them can be easily converted to GIF  format.

YouTube, the most popular video sharing website; It's easy to convert YouTube videos to GIF. So easy that you just have to change the URL a little bit.

YouTube videos can be converted to GIF in many ways. The first way is to:

• Open the video you want to convert to GIF on YouTube in your browser.

• Then type the gif before youtube from the URL of the video in the address bar, for example
to v = vlGwVE5S9uA

and press Enter.

• A new window will open after that. From the YouTube video here, you can use the slider to select the 15-second part of the video you want to GIF.

After selecting the portion of the video, click Create GIF.

Get your GIF ready, which can also be shared on social media.

You can also make YouTube videos from the website by uploading videos, webcams and many more photos.

To create a GIF from a YouTube video, you have to type the URL of the video in the text field and continue. After that, you have to select the start time and end time in the video and click on the Create gif button. You can save and share GIF in a new window with the menu Open Image in New Tab.

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