How to check WhatsApp and Facebook messages while still remaining unseen

Social media, such as the WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, have made communication so easy that if someone else is ignoring you on social media, they can find out too. The read receipts feature is what you get. If you find that someone else has read your message and has not responded yet, it simply means that the other person is watching you. He will respond to you in his spare time only after finishing his work.

There is no option on Facebook and WhatsApp that allows you to read a message and not let other users know about it. There is also a feature on the WhatsApp to disable read receipts, but in that case you don't even know how your messages are being read.

There are some ways you can read messages without letting others know, and you don't even have to disable read receipts

Notification screen

New messages on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are instantly delivered to your device. Applications don't wait for you to open applications and download new messages. This means that whether you check the message or not, it arrives on your device immediately.

Thanks to this system, it is also possible for you to read the message and not even send read receipts to others.

If you have enabled banner notification in your device (iPhone) then some messages reach your notification screen and you don't even need to open the application. This way you can read the message and read to others. The receipt doesn't go either, but if you have fast messages, old messages may disappear from the screen, requiring you to open the application to view them.

Airplane mode

As soon as you receive a notification that you have received a message, switch to Airplane Mode first instead of opening the application. This mode, disables Wi-Fi and all the mobile signals/network access to the phone. To switch to this mode, swipe up from the bottom (IOS users) or swipe down (if android user) from the top of the phone to change the mode.

Then open the messaging application and read the message accordingly as you like. Your friend will not see the blue double tick and will continue to think that you are still busy.

Users will have to close the messaging application while in flight mode to keep the message read secret.

To close the application, you can close the iPhone by double-tapping the home button and swiping the WhatsApp upwards. Android users can close the app by tapping the Multi-Task button.
Then whenever you open the application while you are online, your friends will know how to read the message.

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