Hidden Whatsapp tricks only power users know about

WhatsApp users are growing rapidly, soon the number of monthly active users of Facebook will reach one billion. In this case, it is not possible for all users to know all the features of the WhatsApp, even many old users do not know about many features of this application. Many feature we dont know about that cay make oure lives easier by using Whatsapp more conveniently and easily.

Below are some of the features of WhatsApp.

1)Prevent all images from being saved automatically

By default, the WhatsApp saves all incoming photos to the phone's memory. Many photos are unnecessary for people in groups etc. which reduces the memory of the phone.

To prevent images from being automatically saved, go to Settings, Chat and switch off Save Incomming Media.

2)Send your full location

Tap the arroow on the left of your whatssapp screen and select "Share location" Now from there chose whatever location you want to share.

3)When was the message read?

As soon as you send a message on WhatsApp, a white tick appears in front of it, it means that the message is gone from you, this message will be received on another phone as soon as the white tick with the message. Two signs will appear.

A tick marks will appear as soon as the message is read and it will blue.To know the full time, by selecting the message and tapping on the clock icon above, you will know the time the message is sent and read. In addition, swiping the message to the left can also determine the time the message was sent and read.

4)Disabling Read Receipt

Go to Setting, Accounts, Privacy and turn off read receipt.

5)Hide last message check time

Select the option by going to Settings, Account, Privacy, Last Seen. Remember that if you don't want anyone to see the time to check your last message, you will not be able to see anyone's Last Seen time.

6)Mute group chat

Go to group chat, tap on the name above and select Mute.

7)How much storage is the WhatsApp using?

Go to Settings>Account>Storage Usage Usage,> Size and check the size of storage whatsapp is using.

8)Delete the message and delete all chat history

To delete a message tap on it and press delete.

 To delete multiple messages, press the Edit button, after the message, tap on the red circle and then tap on Delete Chat. do.
To delete a complete chat history, go to Settings, Chats and tap Clear All Chats.

9)Use the WhatsApp on your computer

To use the WhatsApp on a computer, first open the URL web.whatsapp.com in your browser. The QR code will appear in the browser. Then go to Settings and tab on the WhatsApp web and scan the QR code from the camera.

WhatsApp can now be used on computers. To do this, the computer and mobile must be connected to the same Wi-Fi. Photos and videos from the Wits app can be viewed and downloaded to a computer. The advantage of using WhatsApp on computer is that users can type and send messages in Urdu quickly.

Remember that there may be differences in options due to differences in the operating system.

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