Go invisible on WhatsApp with this trick and Stay hidden from others

In the past, it was easy to be invisible from friends using Google Talk or GTalk. G-Talk simply had to switch to invisible mode to disappear from the view of others.

Now the world has moved to the WhatsApp, but it is not so easy to hide from others. Many people find the WhatsApp business very hard because no matter what you do you will always be seen, one possible solution is perhaps to turn off Wi-Fi or mobile data, but it comes along with the fear of affecting other services.

There are also ways on the WhatsApp that you can hide from the public eye. However, these methods are not as simple as being invisible in GTalk. The following methods can be used to disguise yourself on the WhatsApp.

1) Hide your Last Seen status

The comfort of hiding your last seen on WhatsApp is not unkown. Everyone wants to disable this feature and calming reply to incoming messages at the same time. no hassles of unwanted attention. Here is how you can do it:

To disable this feature, go to WhatsApp settings. Then select Account. Change Last seen in the Privacy tab to Nobody. Now no one on WhatsApp will know when you last logged in. By disabling last seen in this way, while others will not know the time of your last arrival, you will also not know the last time of arrival of others.

2) Hide your status

To hide your status, go to WhatsApp Settings, then Privacy, then Status and then Nobody. Your status will now be visible to anyone.

3) Hide your profile photo

Go to WhatsApp Settings, then Privacy, then go to Profile Photo and select Nobody.

4) No blue tick mark

Another annoying and frustrating thing. As soon as you read the someone's message, the other person immediately knows it by seeing a blue tick on his sent message and he/she will know that you have read the message. It shows your online status and thus hampers your privacy.

Now off course there is a solution to this problem.

Go to WhatsApp settings. 
Account then go to Privacy and uncheck the Read Receipt box.

5) Mute the WhatsApp for a while (Android Only feature)

This feature can be used to temporarily close  WhatsApp. Simply Force Stop the application from your phone's settings menu. You will no longer receive any messages on the WhatsApp. Now you will only receive messages on whatsapp if you open it. otherwise the application sill just stay closed.

So these were some of the tips to stay hidden on whatsapp and protect your privacy online. Hope you enjoyed the article. If so click on the share button and let others benefit form it  too.

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