Egypt - Entire family lost their life due to COVID-19

Cairo A family in Egypt caught into the cruel hands of Corona so badly that all members of the family died due to this insidious disease (May God bless the departed souls).

According to the Arab media, the mountain of misery and death began to fall on this unfortunate family when the elderly woman of this family attended a wedding, from which she contracted Corona's disease.

The woman died after a few days of treatment. Earlier, her husband and two sons were also diagnosed with corona. These people were also undergoing treatment. Just ten days after the mother's death, a son revealed that his father and brother, who were affected by Corona, had also died from Corona.

But the angel of death was still watching the last member of this family.

The man who reported the deaths of his mother, father and brother was also diagnosed with corona a few days later. Traumatized by the death of his loved ones, the young man himself died. Prior to his death, the young man had made several posts on his Facebook account urging people to stay away from Corona patients. Cut down on meeting people. He also said in a post-mortem post that his family had been socially isolated at home since March, and were very careful about meeting.

Just his mother's decision to attend a wedding brought misfortune to the whole family. After attending the wedding, the mother contracted corona and then passed the disease on to other members of the family. According to the Egyptian Ministry of Health, the total number of cases in the country has exceeded one million, while more than 5,800 people have died. Have died

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