Decision to ban Tik Tok and VChat in US

WASHINGTON, Sept. 18 (UPI) - The Trump administration has decided to ban video sharing and messaging mobile applications Tik Tok and VChat from Sunday.

After the ban, both apps will not be able to be downloaded in the United States and the service will be shut down completely. National security and data privacy experts also recommended a ban on Tik Tok and vchat.

According to media reports, a statement issued by the US Department of Economics on Friday states that the number of users of these two apps in the United States is more than one million, but now is the time to spy on them. "Both apps will be completely banned in the United States from the night of Sunday, August 20, and both will be removed from Google's Play Store and Apple's iOS Store," the statement said.

It also states that US citizens and companies will be allowed to use the two services in China and can transact if they wish. US technology company Oracle has offered Tik Tok to run the operations. The talk was to sell the shares to the Chinese company and make it a partner. Tik Tok rejected Oracle's offer and stated that it would not compromise on its policy and standards. After which there was a strong reaction from the Trump administration, however, after the closure of Tik Tok in the United States, it was reopened, but nowTik Tokand VChat are being closed again due to security concerns. ۔

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