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Do you know how the drug mafia works? It is to be understood,  the OPD of the hospitals was closed during the coronavirus, there was no rush in the emergency ward except for the corona, new patients were not admitted to the hospital. Doesn't it seem strange? Cases of heart attack, blood pressure, stroke, etc. suddenly decreased. Now what happened so suddenly, diseases decreased to such an extent? Even deaths and last rites decreased? You may or may not agree, but you can think, then think, understand and explain whether Corona has overcome all other diseases or destroyed these diseases? In answer to this question, surely you will get up immediately, no, not at all?

In fact, the fact that the drug mafia is deliberately endangering diseases is now coming to the fore if the fact is that since the emergence of corporate hospitals, test laboratories, this catastrophe has increased in this country and people are scared of various diseases. Thousands of rupees worth of tests were being carried out by force, even if it was a moderate cough, cold or flu. Operations are performed on minor and minor ailments and the limbs are removed and thrown away with a slight inconvenience. Ordinary patients are also kept in the ICU and they are treated with fear. The treatment of every mother has assumed a major operation to make money. This clearly means that they are getting huge financial benefits from it and pharmaceutical drugs are being sold in droves. Sometimes many drugs are also sold in black which are expensive and imported drugs and injections. The torment of being their second is different. Now the truth is unveiled. Now know that this is the time to understan

 Now diabetes is a common disease. In general, many diseases are easily spread in our body. Abundance of resources has made people comfortable and has also created many health problems. Consumption of meat instead of vegetables, not walking and not exercising. These are the issues that have become an essential part of the life of the majority Instead of focusing on the root cause of which we have considered medicine as a shortcut to achieve health, although the use of over-the-counter drugs has many side effects, ie many more diseases to get rid of one disease. The name of the side is side effect. The role of Atai doctors and quacks in this is very disgusting as they often do not know anything about the side effects of medicines so they advise the patient to use such medicines without taking care of every context. Let them get relief soon. There was talk of diabetes, so open the windows of your heart and mind and find out.

The WHO has a standard diabetes of 200, but due to the hedge against the drug mafia 140, 80% of people are forced to eat meat farms even though they do not have diabetes. Cholesterol and uric acid medications pave the way for lifelong consumption, although these diseases are not just lifestyle diseases. Yes, if you change your lifestyle, you can bury those diseases and those who spread fear and panic, otherwise it And the drug mafia will get rid of your body together. 140 or 200 diabetes? What is dangerous? Let's analyze that our body demands standard key from N. Abundance of these is a sign of protein deficiency, so get protein in your diet while our body needs protein, not medicine. Such patients should use fish in protein in all seasons. Eat only four to five boiled eggs (for adults)

Before eating eggs or meat, you should use grams of fruit for your weight. For example, if you weigh 100 kilograms, add one zero and convert it into grams, which is 1000 grams. Make soup. Use it two or three times a day before meals. Diseases have overwhelmed us because we are away from nature. 500 grams of fruit before breakfast. 500 grams of vegetables before lunch. You can use fruit both times. If you don't like vegetables, use salads well. Dietitians say that fruits and vegetables work like medicine before eating and like food after eating. Remember that the same amount of fruit is used to treat your blood pressure and cholesterol. If you do not have meat, you can take almonds or walnuts, but the amount is very important. If it is 100 grams, you can eat this amount two or three times a day. Less than less can not cure your protein deficiency. Remember that if you do not consume fruit equal to your weight, it can cause protein problems and if you do not consume the full amount of protein, it can cause fruit problems. Cholesterol, blood pressure are all lifestyle diseases. If you change your lifestyle from today, all the medicines for these diseases will be released within a week by the grace of God Almighty if you adopt the WHO standard 200. So let's get rid of type 2 diabetes in Pakistan which is 80% ie 80% have type 2 diabetes which is not a disease but lifestyle disease and the remaining 20% ​​diabetes type one (which occurs in childhood) who use insulin Can also improve health and reduce insulin by improving lifestyle. If you do not change your lifestyle, you will have to take diabetes medication for the rest of your life, which will create new problems for you over time. The side effects are certain, but after a while, use the heavy dose. Will have to Now let's talk about another disease which is called cholesterol which affects people of all ages. It is also said that this disease is caused by poultry foods, disproportionate diet. Cholesterol plays an important role in the basic functions of our body. Excess of it (over 60 years of age) can lead to 10% of heart diseases and its deficiency can lead to 90% of diseases. Remember that there is no medicine in the world to lower cholesterol. The medicine on the market is the medicine that blocks our four precious chemicals. One of them is called Co, Q, 10. Lack of what is very important for our heart and brain opens the way to heart medicine. Simple diet, high water intake and daily yogurt can help control cholesterol. Now let's talk about uric acid. It acts as a tonic for our brain. Its deficiency slows down the brain. If you have high uric acid, change your lifestyle instead of medication. Fruit and two according to your weight gram formula. If you can use this soup by mixing three sabris, then start taking care of yourself from today and pray to Avoid pretending and being in a useless place and remember to do one thing in the pursuit of pleasure. The secret of peace of mind is hidden in the service of humanity. Spend it on the poor and deserving. Stay and stay away from medicines as much as possible. Take medicines prescribed by qualified doctors only when needed. Remember the good thoughts of the people. Spend on the same way you can not only stay healthy That the drug mafia can also be thwarted. (Some articles have been used in the preparation of the column)

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