Barack Obama Gives his Phone No. to Citizens

 Former US President Barack Obama has released his number on social media to highlight the importance of the election and get his people registered on the voter list so that people can be informed about the position of the people regarding the election. According to the report of the national news agency, for the first time in the history of the United States, a former president has released his number on social media to know the public opinion about the election.

 The first black former US president Barack Obama To know the opinion, a number has been released on Twitter, with a caption saying how you will vote, what are your thoughts about the election, share everything with me. He wrote in his tweet that I From time to time I will keep in touch with all of you and share what is on my mind. According to media reports, the number issued by the former president is not his personal number but the number of the community which is in the thousands. Messages are received and this number is from Chicago.

 According to foreign media, former President Obama's tweet So far, 236,000 messages have been received on the number, while this tweet has been retweeted 30,000 times and thousands of users have also commented.

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